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Zaragoza consolidates its position as the safe alternative to Madrid and Barcelona in the logistics sector

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Zaragoza has consolidated as one of the main markets at the national level, particularly in the logistics sector, where it has attained a absorption of 100,000 m2 in projects in their most “key in hand”, according to data from CBRE, the leading company in consultancy and real estate services at the international level.

In this way, the absorption has been slightly higher than that of 2017, when it reached 90,000 m2. This figure is significant and positive, particularly by the absence of promotions at the risk, almost non-existent, and in particular if we take into account that the majority of the absorption occurred in the space released by companies relocated in new facilities, highlighting a majority of projects “key in hand.

Some of the trends at the national level are reflected in the Zaragoza area, according Larrazábal: “The demand will remain very active in Spain during the next year, with great interest in the implementation of new projects and in the development and purchase of land logistics, further highlighting the emergence of e-commerce in the cities for real estate of 3,000 and 5,000 m2”.

By 2019 we can expect, therefore, a trend in the real estate of the region with promotion logistics in the locations most in demand, helping to boost the market and renew the stock.

Soil, product, star and Square, the location more respondent

The ground has been the product most in-demand again this year, highlighting particularly the polygon Square, the only area where it has been promoted to risk and the employment has been highest.

It is precisely in this space where they have traded two parcels of 40,000 m2, giving rise to the transaction most important of the year and will be of even greater relevance during the present year, when the project is tangible. As highlighted by Miguel Ángel Gómez Rando, director of CBRE Zaragoza, “this project will introduce also a new promoter international in Zaragoza, thanks to which there will be a major revitalization of the market”. “Continuing a trend that began over two years ago, Square has been the site of operations ‘key in hand’ that, during 2019, will culminate in transfers and extensions of operators already installed on the platform”, he stressed.

It is worth noting, moreover, that, despite the fact that the supply of land remains high in Zaragoza, not only in place thanks to his project of enlargement, but also in other locations such as Villanueva, Pedrola and Malpica, there is a certain difficulty in finding plots of land with areas of over 50.000m2.

The area in which is located the Plaza remains the most demanded, with preference more than 50% of the companies, mainly due to its extraordinary location next to the A2, with transport facilities and connection to the airport, which has a great operation in the field of goods. In fact, as pointed out by Larrazábal, “the axis A-2 comprised 66% of the hiring in 2017, assuming one of the highest percentages at the national level”.

However, there is also a significant growth in the axis of the northern zone, highlighting Villanueva, where they have signed some of the projects “key in hand” more representative of recent years. In contrast, decreased the interest in areas such as the A68, where it would be necessary an improvement of the infrastructure.

Needs and spaces

More than 65% of companies demand ships of the highest quality (AAA), with a height greater than 10.5 m, with a magnitude that is on the rise. In addition, it is requested to a large patio of maneuvers (with a maximum of 50/60%), high ratio of loading docks (recommended to 1 coil / 500 m2) and good fire prevention measures.

There is also a significant growth of enterprises that require spaces of greater size, with sizes greater than 5,000 m2, a space complex to get in the zone for this type of sectors in vessels of type B, for which is necessary a homogenization with nearby regions.

Larrazábal has reminded us that another of the key aspects of the transformation of the logistic spaces is the presence increasingly palpable and evident in the e-commerce. “Although Spain is still far from the figures of surrounding countries such as France or the Uk, online purchases remain a strong sustained increase that translates into a wide margin of growth is directly related to logistic spaces”, he said.

Given its nature, the short-term future provides a forecast of projects in the vicinity of the cities, calls Platforms Urban Distribution, in which it valued the campa and parking for delivery vehicles when they are outside of the core urban or residential areas more consolidated. Are also very valued the springs for the vans, as well as distances to the major centres of population.

This type of platform, which has a high demand both on the part of the operators end of the main specialized companies, have an operation for which it is not expected that store just stock.

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