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Volkswagen is considering an off-road electric with a classic design, such as the Suzuki Jimnny

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Looming on a horizon very close to it, a huge array of new models electric under the flagship of Volkswagen , and a multitude of hybrid options within the brand and in the rest of the group brands, Skoda, SEAT, and between this variety of new electric cars, penned mostly within the family ID, Volkswagen appears to be willing to give life to certain options, with a vocation more playful. A few days ago when the idea of return to find us with a buggy in Volkswagen and now there is talk of an off-road electric with a cut design classic.

In the next 4 years, the Volkswagen group expects to launch a total of 27 electric cars

The head of strategy of Volkswagen, Michael Jost, would have left the door open to this possibility, an off-road electric classic design, in a statement to the German magazine Autobild, citing the lack of alternatives in a segment, the 4X4, that is in full effervescence, with the arrival of the new Suzuki Jimny, with the nuevoo Jeep Wrangler and with the landing of the new Land Rover Defender.

Michael Jost would have even gone as far as to instruct the designers a rough sketch of how you could get to look this hypothetical off-road, and maybe what you’re doing Michael, relying on the companions of Autobild, is to launch a balloon probe to see that the host would have a car, so among the public at large, perhaps seeking to bring to a new level the success of the Suzuki Jimny?

Michael Jost, head of strategy of Volkswagen, has already asked its designers an approach to this off-road

Simple lines, indoor resistant… Michael Jost speaks of a return to the original aesthetics of the suvs of yesteryear, as well has done the Suzuki, and the new modular platform for electric cars, the platform MEB, it would be the perfect starting point for a car as well. Michael speaks of this platform as a revolution to the brand similar to the one that resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle or the Volkswagen Golf.

The Volkswagen ID compact will be the first car based on this platform, and its production will start by the end of 2019. In a period of less than 4 years, to the end of 2022, the Volkswagen group will have a total of 27 electric cars… And that and the modularity of the platform of the MEB, as well as the possibilities of design that gives a mechanical, electrical, opens the door to alternatives as different as the hypothetical buggy that it would be raising on the mark or off-road.

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