Home News A worker IVECO is removed life after the spread to his work in a sex video of yours

A worker IVECO is removed life after the spread to his work in a sex video of yours

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MikelGF.- A woman has committed suicide in Madrid after it spread massively among their peers a sex video of hers, recorded five years ago, according to has informed ‘Public Mirror’.

Veronica of 30 years and mother of two children, worked in the factory of trucks of CNH Industrial, the property of the Group IVECO, in Madrid, with some 2,500 employees, most of whom could have been the recording.

What he was worried about the victim was that the images came to her husband, as they were recorded when she was not yet married. According to Ivan, a co-worker “When she informed the husband that the video was circulating, he dropped the world”. It continues, saying that although “at first I wanted to make a case,” Veronica was a victim of “looks” and “visits” that came to work to see who was the companion”.

Another co-worker, Susan, has said that “She wanted the story to pass, that people would stop talking as soon as possible, had no thought report”. “He was very nervous and had to leave the factory because it could not bear the pressure, both here as well as of their family environment”.

According to his companions, came to speak with the Human Resources Department about the problem. Finally, the pressure was too much for her and on Saturday she decided to take her life. We remind that the Criminal Code provides that the dissemination of a video of intimate, even when it has been recorded with the consent of the person, is a crime that can lead to a prison sentence. ¡¡Rest in Peace!!

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