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A company’s “pirate” buses accumulates 18 complaints for serious violations

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EUROPA PRESS.- An investigation of the Civil Guard have found a company that operated from A Coruña and who performed services for the transport of travellers in bus with people with disabilities, reduced mobility and vulnerable groups, in vehicles damaged and corrupted and that they lacked the necessary licenses to perform this type of services.

The case began after law enforcement officers in the inspection of transports in the Sector of Traffic interceptasen to a bus which had carried out an international passenger transport, to France, which had been contracted by an association, as they have moved to Europe Press sources of the research. The coach was surprised when it went out on the AP-9 and diverted to the service area of Ordes for their control.

The vehicle transported on various routes to individuals with intellectual disabilities and reduced mobility to a vocational centre in the province of A Coruña. Once inspected it was found that it lacked the necessary permits, including the license for special use that requires the Xunta de Galicia for this type of services with vulnerable groups and the ‘Community Licence’, which covers the international transport within the European Union.

This inspection gave rise to the suspicions of the agents, who confirmed later that the company ‘pirate’ was providing a regular service of special use to travelers without the proper authorization to perform this displacement.

Offences “very serious”

The agents searched eight buses, all from the same company, which has not been provided, the name, and detected a lot of irregularities technical, administrative, and on the state of the vehicles themselves, some of them “severely degraded” and deteriorated.

Among the problems registered by the Civil Guard reported the lack of acoustic device of reverse gears, faults in the opening of the doors of emergency, lack of first aid kit, fire extinguishers expired since march of 2018, and broken in several seats in both upholstery as well as in part padded, “that could cause injury in the event of a claim not being protected the metal parts of the same”.

The agents also were able to verify if the vehicles had contracted for the insurance of unlimited civil liability, compulsory for the carriage of passengers of this type, an issue that will have to prove to the Headquarter of Traffic of A Coruña. In sum have been eleven complaints in the field of transport and seven others for violations of the General Regulation of Vehicles, for violations serious and very serious, and that could lead to economic sanctions than 4,000 euros per vehicle, have been explained.

Unprecedented in the area

The so-called transport ‘pirate’ is a growing phenomenon in the State. Last year, the Community of Madrid has filed a total of 3.081 complaints to vehicles VTC by uptake spot of customers or do not have a roadmap of the journey, a prerequisite of the pre-hire mode.

This type of allegations have been repeated in other points of the geography, especially taxis who were working illegally. Despite this, sources close to the investigation have elucidated that the detection of this bus service ‘pirate’ that operated in A Coruña, spain represents a case in point and “exceptional” in the region, that are not unprecedented.

The Civil Guard carries out tasks of inspection and control of this type of passenger transport, both regular use and special use, and school throughout the year, regardless of the specific campaigns. In them are verified issues such as safety belt use, the driving and rest times, speed, alcohol, drugs, or that the authorizations and documents are in order, as much of the vehicle as the driver.

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