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A truck Portuguese 5 days ago that is stuck in a way. Photos and video

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@MikelGF.- A lorry registered in Portugal, that was directed to the manufactures of paper from the Italian town of Burgo di Verzuolo, to few kilometres of Blanket, took the wrong path and the driver has finished with the vehicle at a real crossroads, as it is a narrow path that leads to the mountains in which lies the Sanctuary of San Leone.

The truck, which is loaded with reels of paper, it takes five days, from last Friday, in the crossroads between the narrow road called Via San Leone and Via Santa Brigida, a lock that prevents the inhabitants of the place to move around.

During these days, the truck driver has not abandoned at any time, the truck. The local authorities offered accommodation in a nearby hotel, but the driver has refused to ensure that the ready to feed during long trips, so you have to eat and you can sleep in the cabin, refusing, for the moment, the food that you have been offered the neighbors.

The truck driver I can declare to the local media that have echoed his setback: “I’m waiting for my company to find a solution, I think that if it were removed from the trailer, I could get out of the mud, continue and remove the vehicle from the environment to be able to leave.”

For his part, Paolo Volcano, mayor of the town affirm that: “These are the days that we work to make it viable as soon as possible, in this way. We are in contact with the property of the transport company to resolve this situation which weighs on our roads, already compromised by bad weather.”

Photos and video: targatocn.it


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