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Transfesa Logistics launched the first ground vehicle to 100 % digital

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Writing.- Campa, managed by SEMAT, one of the companies of the Transfesa Group Logistics, is located on the grounds of El Salobral, within the terminal, transport of The Goods in Madrid. It is the first of these characteristics by the introduction of an innovative modular system that combines advanced technologies of IoT, mobile applications and management information in real-time.

Transfesa Logistics has launched the first campa vehicle completely digitalized logistics center in the car of SEMAT in The Salobral is located in the transportation terminal Villaverde Goods, in Madrid.

It is the implementation of an integrated solution that allows the global management of all activities associated with logistics and distribution in a unified way, with a unique point of view.

According to the corporate director of Systems and Processes of Transfesa Logistics, Jorge González-Fernández, “our goal is to continue to improve the services provided to our customers. Next to our leading position in the sector, with the open fields digital we put at your disposal the most modern systems in terms of traceability and management of the logistic centers of the car.”

Modular platform with applications of last generation

To do this, the company has developed an advanced system made up of different modules that work in coordination with each other and are activated according to the necessary requirement of each client. It is designed for the management of the transport unit, or the preparation of fleets of vehicles on full loads.

This innovative platform, composed by a new generation of applications, is able to manage the entire cycle of the service of storage and transportation. The different integrated devices apply full traceability to the car since it is registered until delivery to the end customer. This digital process covers many operations to be performed in each case (washed, sanitized, fuel, organization of fleets, repairs, efforts in workshop, etc).

System of IoT for identification and tracking of assets

One of the most recent innovations is the incorporation of a new system for the identification and tracing of assets with elements of IoT (Internet of Things). This reader module is based on the use of tags of the latest generation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, for its acronym in English) and GPS, which allow you to perform a comprehensive follow-up of the vehicles at any place and the verification of the delivery at the point indicated, transmitting the time and position. Account with the technology EPG 2V2, the most advanced on the market.

Online media: client Portal

The campa digital also has an online communication with the client. Its wide range of functionalities makes it a strategic tool that provides information automatically and in real-time on the management of the order, the status of preparation and progress of the expedition, the number of units of the fleet delivered, the billing, or possible incidents and reports.

Mobile applications and tablets

The activities of the campa, such as vehicle inspection, maintenance, closing, inspection, and relocation of vehicles are carried out directly by the operator via tablets, as well as with the mobile apps developed by Transfesa Logistics. A scan of functions that not only eliminates the use of paper, but also avoids the possibility of duplication of such functions.

A technological breakthrough of the first order

This modular platform has a large capacity and can be used in open fields they own or virtual, those which the client has contracted with another company-. Currently, its use is around 30 % and has great growth expectations. In the year 2018, have been taken with this system to 850,000 cars.

Photo: Grupo Transfesa


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