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You have a Fiat family Type by just 11.500 euros, but is it a good deal?

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In these moments, the Fiat Type SW is strongly promoted. In particular, it is possible to take a unit home for a mere 11.500 euros. A very affordable price – more typical of a utility with a equipment simple – if we take into account that the Fiat Type SW is a spacious family car C-segment, even though you have a guidance rather low-cost. This offer of the Fiat Type has small print and in this article we are going to analyze it in detail, checking if it is gold that glitters, or are there hidden costs after the price of this hook. Join us to find out.

How is the Fiat Type SW offered?

This is a version of access, as it could not be otherwise. We are talking about a family equipped with an engine 1.4 petrol, a maximum power of 95 HP and performance discrete. Makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 12.7 seconds and approves an average consumption of 6.5 l/100 km. It is not a fast car, but it should function well in urban and peri-urban – don’t ask for overtaking the striking roads of a double meaning. This engine is associated with a manual change of six relations. The Fiat Type SW we like its simplicity and its enormous amount of board space.

Alternatives to the Fiat Type, such as the Citroen C-Elysee, are cars of lesser quality and inferior finish.

We are talking about the Fiat Type SW has a boot capacity of 550 litres capacity and dimensions as regular, and the figure is excellent for a car of 4.57 meters in length. The version offered is a Pop version of access. Their equipment is simple, but includes air conditioning as standard, plus several extras included by Fiat in the offer: according to the website of Fiat Spain, which include also some tires of 16 inches and a team of infotainment Uconnect with touch screen of 12.7 inches. Now, the offer has a considerable amount of “small print”.

In the first place, we are required to deliver to the dealership a used car, in addition to finance a minimum amount of 9.500 euros. The minimum period is 48 months, with a tenure of 36 months with the FCA Capital, the financial Fiat. In the simulation of funding collected by Fiat the TAE reaches the 10,59%, and you need to add tuition fees and an arrangement fee of the loan. The individual conditions should be discussed clearly at the dealership. They could raise the final bill of several thousand euros. However, not all are clouds on the horizon.

The Fiat Type is a car basic, but it has a interior spacious, a large trunk and a price content.

The offer includes two extra years of warranty, adding up to a total of four years warranty or 100,000 km, whichever comes first. In addition, it also includes two years of maintenance, with a limit of 30,000 km If you’re looking for a family car or a car of low cost, we recommend you to read our buying guide. As always, all prices and offers updated on the Fiat Kind are available in Which Car I Buy.

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The Type is a saloon compact 4.5 metres in length, which stands out for its relation price-facilities. Can’t have unnecessary luxuries, but has everything essential. The range of engines is well suited to the basic needs of transportation


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