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Tesla unveils the Model And 2019: their new bombshell electric is a compact SUV 7-seater

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The brand of electric cars Tesla has just unveiled its next major release. It is no surprise, in fact it is a long time we knew that Tesla would have a new compact SUV and an electric, and that would be called the Tesla Model And. But yes, it is an event that a brand like Tesla present a new product. With you, the Tesla Model And the new bombshell electric Tesla is a compact SUV. There are No surprises, and the Model And will be provided with a system of doors conventional, but interesting details, like the fact that it can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

The Tesla Model And is the new compact SUV and an electric

The goal of Tesla is offering electric cars in volume and more affordable, but it passes necessarily by an optimization of costs to produce and sell more vehicles. The Tesla Model And is something like a version SUV the Tesla Model 3 or, better said, a new model that pays for everything developed for the Tesla Model 3.

Following that philosophy, we are not surprised by the great resemblance existing between the Tesla Model 3 and the new Tesla Model And, technically, they share most of their components, and that solutions are complex and expensive as the wings of a falcon of the Tesla Model X, are not present in this electric car.

Tesla has dispensed solutions daring, complex, and expensive, as the doors in the wing shape of the hawk of the Model X
The Tesla Model And is the SUV electric is more compact and more affordable Tesla, something as well as the version crossover Model 3, with which it shares technology, platform and mechanical

Versions of the Tesla Model And

With respect to its performance, we did not expect any surprise. The Tesla Model And will use the same base mechanics of the Tesla Model 3, which is prepared to equip different solutions mechanical, rear electric motor, and rear-wheel drive, and motors on both axles and all-wheel drive.

Let us recall that currently the Tesla Model 3 is already available in Europe with two versions, both of all-wheel drive, starting with the battery of high autonomy, with up to 560 kilometers (depending on WLTP) with a full load and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds. On the other hand, the Performance version gets a range of 530 kilometers (WLTP), but also an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.

The Tesla Model And shares a platform, technology and engines with the Model 3

Tesla has provided us with a table of specifications, for the us market, in which figure a autonomy of up to 300 miles (cycle EPA), about 483 kilometres. We also see a maximum speed of up to 241 km/h and an acceleration that can reach up to 3.5 seconds, the Performance, in the 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96,56 km/h).

According to the calendar of Tesla, the first units of the Model And will arrive in the fall of 2020, while the more affordable version, and modest, rear-wheel-drive, it will not come until the spring of 2021.

We also see how in the united States the cheaper version of the Tesla Model And will boot in to 39,000 dollars, only $ 4,000 more than the Model 3 equivalent.

The version of greater autonomy of the Tesla Model And you can travel 483 kilometres (according to cycle-EPA) with a full load

On the price of the Tesla Model And

It is expected that the Tesla Model And is more expensive than the Model 3. Elon Musk spoke of a price which, approximately, would be 10% more expensive in the Model And with respect to the Model 3. Although the calculation is not as simple as applying a mathematical formula, for issues like taxes, if we take into account that a Model 3 boots your battery settings great autonomy in the to 56,000 euros, the Model And with the same configuration should boot into the environment of the 60,000-62,000 euros.

The Performance in the Model 3 costs 66.900 euro, it should already be in the Model And in the environment of 73.000 euros.

Of course, these prices haven’t been confirmed yet officially, and we will not know the final price until its release.

The more affordable version of the Tesla Model And will not reach the dealerships until the spring of 2021 and in the united States alone will cost $ 4,000 more than the Tesla Model 3

A SUV electric 7-seater

Inside, the Tesla Model And, again, it will be like the Tesla Model 3. Will therefore with a dashboard that was completely horizontal, would dispense with the traditional instrumentation, and in its place will be a large screen in the center of the dashboard that will do the functions of instrumentation and entertainment system.

The great novelty of the Tesla Model And it will be you that will have 7 seats, 7-passenger, taking advantage of its greater height, and the versatility that it offers its electrical mechanics. Let us remember that the batteries are installed in the base of the vehicle, so as to not limit the board space, and that the electric motors are really compact.

In any case, everything points to the third row of seats will have a few squares a little spacious, and suitable for small children, the space will be left for the legs, and, above all, by the free height up to the rear window.

The new Tesla Model And will have 7 seats for 7 passengers or, as noted by the first images, for 5 adult passengers and two small children

Image of the interior of the Tesla Model 3.

In the next few days I will keep talking about the new Tesla Model And, an electric car that will very likely give you much to talk about. In fact, Tesla expects its sales to far outweigh the sum of the sales of Model 3 and Model S together.

More images of the Tesla Model And:

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