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What you missed it? Mitsubishi Space Star background: a city reduced in size by 10,000 euros

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All the news of the car Mitsubishi Space Star

If something convinced us of the Mitsubishi Space Star three years ago now, when we tried it for the first time, its proposal was sensible, economical and, above all, practice. Mitsubishi knew how to fit this product in a space in no-man’s land, with a size closer to what we would consider a segment (think Kia Picanto and Fiat Panda), amplitude next to a segment B (Seat Ibiza or Opel Corsa), a price between the two worlds, according to what it offers, and about all to tell with all the equipment essential. With the Mitsubishi Space Star already renewed, after a proper face wash that goes beyond the aesthetic, so again we have put ourselves at the controls of this utility to offer this test of the new Mitsubishi Space Star and our impressions of this renewal, as a complement to the previous test of the Space Star of 2015. And what news has brought?

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A world capital of cosmetic surgery, Los Angeles. The other is Tehran, believe it or not, but that is another story. Los Angeles has gone the Mitsubishi Space Star – sold as the Mirage in the U.S. – and has been presented in partnership with a facelift that has sat pretty well. What you are trying to do is get rid of the stigma of cheap car, “plastiquero”. Despite the fact that their sales are correct, this face wash has been sitting very well, winning the packaging needed to conquer more global audience.

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As we already saw in the first part of this test of the Mitsubishi Space Star, this utility we liked for different reasons, but essentially by the fact that they offer a good dose of equipment, space and practical solutions, at a cost that is really competitive. Keep in mind that this is a proposal that was very urban, and as a result, its engines and its dynamics has also been adapted to the environment in which best you are going to develop: the city, the trips of the day-to-day, wandering the streets…

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As promised, we bring you our in-depth analysis, our test of the Mitsubishi Space Star. Mitsubishi couldn’t have picked a better time for its launch in Europe, in full tide of urban products, of small utilities that are called to conquer the city. And with the amount of products that will arrive in the next few months, I wonder, what is what you have to offer this product compared to your competitors? what is what you are looking for the customer of a car urbanite, what we come to know it as a segment? I imagine that you will search for a car manageable, that is agile in the city; that in limited its dimensions to distribute the space; that is comfortable; and that step is economic, well-equipped and thrifty. As we have before us a product that met, exceeded, with all these premises.

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Do you remember the Mitsubishi Space Star? At the end of the nineties, Mitsubishi opted for a model on the rise, the mpv is compact in size, really compact, to be more exact, with a length similar to that which today we might find in a utility vehicle such as the Renault Clio. We tell you this to put in perspective the new Mitsubishi Space Star, a model that will continue to advocate for your side more practical and economical, although it will no longer be the minivan of yesteryear to find your site among the utilities to more urban. By its dimensions, be used as a reference to a Renault Twingo or a Kia Picanto, because that will be the place to occupy the new Space Star.

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We already have in our hands the results of the latest tests of EuroNCAP with four vehicles analyzed, two sedans and two small suvs. Both the Lexus IS 300h as the Mazda 6 would have been raised with the highest european qualification in safety, five stars. On the other hand, the new Mitsubishi Space Star and the Opel Adam would have been at only four stars, to the doors of those coveted five stars, despite the result uneven in this last test, still the standard for the majority of models tested by EuroNCAP.

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