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What you missed it? Ferrari F8 Tribute: 720 HP of artillery to plant face to the McLaren 720S

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The Ferrari F8 Tribute is a sporty V8 engine core with turbo, manufactured by Ferrari and that makes 720 HP . This is an evolution of the Ferrari 458 Italia , 2011 and, subsequently, the Ferrari 488 GTB 2015. In fact, we might regard it as a Ferrari 458 Italia version 3.0 , inherited a large part of their mechanical components, structural and aesthetic. It is not a totally new car, but a second evolution that you have not entered any type of hybridization in electrical, as I explained in this article.

The Ferrari F8 Tribute account as the main rival to the McLaren 720S, with which it shares absolute power and mechanical configuration, and the Lamborghini Hurricane, which has a V10 engine maximum power and therefore an approach that is mechanical different.

The name of F8 Tribute is a tribute to the entire saga of Ferrari V8 power plants that have preceded this model, which has 50 HP more and 40 kg less than that of the 488 GTB, equaling the power of the 488 Track, in addition to providing a body even more aggressive and spectacular.

V8 engine of 720 HP for the Ferrari F8 Tribute

Despite the fact that the power is 720 HP, matching the Ferrari 488 Track, the approach of the F8 Tribute aims to reconcile the use of on-road use in the circuit in equal parts, while the 488 Track was a car focused clearly on the circuit. That is the reason why we can consider the F8 Tribute to the successor of the 488 GTB.

The figures of the F8 Tribute speak for themselves of the ability prestacional of the model, with a engine 3.9 V8 Twin-Turbo 720-HP at 8,000 rpm and 770 Nm at 3.250 rpm.

At the time of its launch, it is Ferrari’s most advanced history in electronic aids to driving, including a yaw controller called Side Slip Angle Control raised to the nth power.

All the news of the car Ferrari F8 Tribute

There is No denying that the launch of the new sports Ferrari, Ferrari F8 Tributeis generating some controversy to actually be a considerable increase of the 488 GTB. Without being this fact a bad thing per se, yes, it has led to some confusion. But there are good reasons for this movement, and today Ferrari explains why the F8 Tribute is not that completely new car that we expected and why, in addition, the F8 Tribute lays the groundwork for a major change in the brand.

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The new supercar from Ferrari is already here, the Ferrari F8 Tribute is the new weapon of the manufacturer from Maranello to fight against the McLaren 720S and offers a display of luxury in technique and technology. Ferrari promises that it is his best sport with V8 engine central to date, something that today we will try to check through the first official video of the Ferrari F8 Tribute. A good first approach to this new cavallino that seeks to improve in all the Ferrari 488 GTB.

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Ferrari adds more fuel to the fire of the supercars of the central engine. And far from taking that step forward, that sooner or later they will, you bet for the hybridization, remains confident in the recipe, how well it has worked over the last few decades, the combination that its customers expect and that we dream of ever having a prancing horse in the garage, the central engine of eight cylinders in vee. The Ferrari F8 Tribute is the heir of a lineage of sports race, F355, F360, F430, F458 and its direct predecessor, the Ferrari 488. And much eye, because it comes with nothing more and nothing less than 720 HP of power.

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