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You must repeat the trade union elections in Transports Routiers Tarancon SL

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Writing.- Fact sheet on the CC.OO reports that following the arbitration award, you have to repeat the trade union elections in Transports Routiers Tarancon, S. L:

Has already been communicated to the unions and the company to the arbitral award that comes to give the reason to CCOO against the decision of the Board to exclude the application of this union that he was not allowed to participate in the voting, which took place on the 16th February last.

At the hearing of the 27th of February to the Arbitrator in electoral matters, both the representative of the company and the union (UGT), supported the decision of the Board that the referee says, not accepted, as the law says, tell CCOO so that I could remedy the resignation of several of its candidates. The referee calls it a “radical” and “drastic” attitude of the Table, assuming a violation of the Freedom of trade Union CCOO, and conducted to the Table by “an uncertain path accusatory” that could even “hurt its Members”.

We assume, for the background and evidence at the meeting of 27, that the members of the Board, which acknowledged “did not know of the laws” did not act with total autonomy and freedom to sign some of the acts that the company will put on the table. Like the worker who resigned to be a candidate (M. S. H.) who said we had deceived him.

Now it’s time to re-convene the Table to start the period for the submission of new nominations, and to follow the phases of the electoral process until the new date of voting. Therefore you may re-apply to vote by mail, respecting the regulations in force, of course, and respecting that the vote is free. Any new irregularity, or pressure on the workers the will to challenge or denounce the official bodies and labour authorities as appropriate.

With regard to the challenge of CCOO, on the vote-by-mail in the trade union elections in Intermodal Solutions, on the 7th of March, did the act with the electoral Arbiter of the Basin in which they appeared the three members of the Board, the representation of the company, the UGT and the representatives of CCOO.

In the vote of February 9 of 45 electors voted 15 votes by mail, 4 who voted in person were moved to vote to Tarancon and the 3 members of the Board. We understand that the vote-by-mail that were managed by one of the managers of the work center of Madrid, to which some workers have had to delegate their vote, did not become as trademark regulations and therefore should not be taken into account. We will have to wait that says the Referee: if you give us the reason to CCOO, you may have to repeat the elections but also on Solutions.

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