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What types of costs there are in a fleet of vehicles of a transport company?

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The fleets of company vehicles have to face a series of costs (daily, weekly, and annual) during the course of its business. Be aware of the expenses incurred by the company can make the difference between a business to be profitable , or is doomed to failure.

Therefore, it is necessary to know first-hand all of the information about a fleet of vehicles and the different costs that exist, which includes two different types: direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs

Make reference to the costs incurred by a resource mobile for the simple fact of possessing it. Within this type we find:

  • Costs are preset, irrespective of the use of the vehicle. It is necessary to differentiate the cost of capital, including the depreciation of the vehicle, and the costs of operation, which refer to the annual cost of aspects such as drivers, insurance, or taxes.
  • Those costs that are determined by the activity of the vehicle. Can be costs are unavoidable, which include fuel costs, tyres, breakdowns or the annual maintenance of the mobile resource, or costs eludibles, that depends upon how it is managed the fleet, such as traffic fines, expenditure on tolls or the diet, or incentives paid to the driver.

Indirect costs

Are costs that are not directly related to the development of the activity. An average enterprise typically have four types of indirect costs:

  • Installation of the software.
  • Installation of hardware.
  • Costs of the staff, which refers to the fleet manager.
  • Costs of the infrastructure available by the company.

Within the category of indirect costs includes the tools for GPS fleet management, that contribute to reducing direct costs and to improve the quality of the service. Without going more far, for example, a company may be reduced by use of the geolocation your spending on fuel or delay the depreciation of the vehicle. For this reason, it is common that the GPS technology is treated as an investment by many companies own vehicles.

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