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What is the scam of the fine from the radar, and how to recommend the DGT to avoid it

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One of the situations more tense that you can live a driver that receives a traffic ticket in your home. Taking advantage of the confusion and the feelings that generate the traffic tickets, in the last few years have seen a scam, as a scam of the fine of the radar, we should be aware of to avoid falling into them. The case of the scam in the fine radar is not new, and there is one who comes warning of this for years. In the last few weeks, the General Directorate of Traffic and members of the Security Forces and Bodies of the State are warning of this on their social networks. The scam of the fine of the radar consists of an email that you do not notify us of a speeding ticket, which in reality is false, and that take advantage of this excuse to try to steal passwords and sensitive data.

What is the scam in the fine radar?

The operation of this scam from the fine of the radar is included in the method known as phishing, or identity theft. The sender of the email that we receive is passed by the General Directorate of Traffic to notify us of a fine that generally follows this same pattern, as already drew attention some years ago:

Subject: automatic Fine
Reason of non-delivery in the act: the means of capturing images.
Fact claimed: circular between 71 and 80 km/h, limited the speed to 50 km/h for the pathway.
Applicable regulations: General Regulation of Circulation, Apt. 50 (1)
Legal classification: Serious
Sanction: 300 euros. Points = 2
Locate the photo in the attached file

The first thing that we have to take into account is that the General Direction of Traffic are not notified about the fines for radar, or for any other reason, by e-mail. More information about how to notify the traffic fines the Directorate-General of Traffic and how long does it take to get to you.

Traffic is not notified of the fines for radar, or other sanctions, by e-mail

Estafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso VelocidadEstafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso Velocidad

The scam in question is perpetrated at the time in which we access the files attached to the email and the links from which it promises to show us the picture proof of the violation. At that time you try to install a malicious software on the device which downloads it to collect sensitive information, such as passwords, or even banking data.

How to avoid the scam in the fine radar

To avoid these scams it is best to understand that Traffic does not notify us of the fines for radar by e-mail and that it is not the procedure of institutions such as the Treasury, Post office, or the National Police, which have been the subject of spoofs. It is best to avoid downloading attachments from a suspicious email, and do click on links in emails from banks, which are also the ones who suffer most from the spoofs.

We also recommend using anti-virus software, which in many cases may prevent access to a web page is malicious, or that download malicious software on our device. Luckily, many email providers already employ filters that are not only able to identify a spoofed email as the scam of the fine radar, but also to block them to avoid falling into the trap.

View gallery of the sanctions more regular in the last campaign, control of the DGT:


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