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Final point: Pagani will produce no more Zonda new, although it does offer a wild

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Sooner or later it had to arrive on the day that Pagani put an end to the Pagani Zonda. And that time has come, Horacio Pagani has confirmed that there will manufacture more chassis for the Zonda, confirming a rumor that had gained increasing strength, and leaving the door open to an idea that will go through the roof the price of the Zonda already manufactured. There will be No more Zonda new to 100%, although Pagani itself that will continue to offer the possibility of reconstructing a Zonda existing.

To deliver a Pagani Zonda will again be that “destroy” an existing one and use its base

Many years have passed since the Pagani Zonda left the market officially, but every few months we have continued seeing the arrival of more and more versions, editions, or special orders of type One-Off. It is clear that customers are still suing Pagani owning a Zonda regardless of the price, which is why the Italian manufacturer has decided to continue manufacturing under the order and at a slower pace so as not to penalize the production of the Pagani Huayra.

But the demand has not stopped growing and the Pagani Zonda is becoming more and more a car of cult among collectors. For this reason Pagani has even accepted orders somewhat special as the Zonda Phantom EVO, orders that, instead of requiring the manufacture of a new car, actually deals with the reconstruction of a Zonda “old” to turn it into a car that is new and different. This process in fact can mean anything from changes in the body or the interior, to the replacement of the powertrain to install the latest evolution of the 7.3 V12 naturally aspirated AMG with 760 HP.

Before this stage, and as confirmed by the own Horacio Pagani to TopGear, behind the manufacturing of the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta will not see more chassis-new Zonda. From this moment the client want a Zonda will have to start from a chassis that is already existing, offering the brand needs the client to rebuild the car and customize it to your liking. With this movement it is clear that Pagani introduces a turning point in the path of the Zonda, motivating, in addition, that the value of the car to continue to rise because all of those customers who now want a new Zonda will have to “destroy” one that already exists.

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