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Test video of the Mercedes CLA: the proposal passionate and rational coupe 4-door

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Calling a coupe, but actually has four doors. It is more expensive than a Mercedes A-Class, but not necessarily more practical. Mercedes-Benz has available in its catalog of a product with virtually no competition, a compact car with a sporty approach, of coupe, but four doors. The Mercedes CLA Coupe is a car peculiar. And as we try to check in this test video of the Mercedes CLA, combines the character of passion, and his philosophy of coupe, with some practical aspects, it is important to take into account.

Test video of the Mercedes CLA

In this test we will try to analyse the main arguments that can lead someone to acquire a car such as the Mercedes CLA Coupe , and, among them, of course, could not miss a look at the design.

But entering in the practical aspect, we also address how his aesthetics, and his philosophy of sports, limits their practicality, or their space.

In our test video of the Mercedes CLA, we address the arguments that can make us decide for this car, focusing on your design, and how it limits their practicality

Much more than a Mercedes Class A

The conclusion we arrive at in this test is that Mercedes has proposed a CLA, which appears to be a step above the Mercedes A-Class, and that in many aspects may be pregnant, mainly because of the positioning that you have searched for the brand in Spain. The Mercedes CLA dispense with the smallest motor, which itself is available in other markets, a diesel 116 BHP, and will come very well equipped as standard, which also makes his price already exceeds 30,000 euros.

The Mercedes CLA is therefore a car with a high price, especially if we decide to go for the versions more attractive, before you get to the versions AMG, a Mercedes CLA 250 4MATIC 224 HP of power, which has passed through our hands, and now exceeds 45,000 euros.

And while it is true that the Mercedes CLA is a car correct from a rational point of view, by the ability of its trunk, or the fact that you have rear doors, also we have to take into account that your convenience, or your space, do not reach the level of other cars of its size, as well as the own Mercedes C-Class.

In the next few days I will keep talking about the Mercedes CLA and many other conclusions we have reached in this test.

More images of the Mercedes CLA 2019:

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Located a step below the C-Class, the CLA offers a saloon of sporty design and elegant with contained dimensions.


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