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Test of the Porsche 911 Cabriolet: Porsche 911 that you have to buy (+video)

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Just a few days ago, I went to Greece, where we were invited by Porsche to the international presentation of the new Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The new generation of the Porsche 911 – called Porsche 992 – has been filed just two months. My partner Mario Herraiz already got to try, and told us his impressions aboard the renovated icon German, both written and on our YouTube channel (see video test of the Porsche 911 2019). Is now the time to get to know the version more playful and hedonistic of the Porsche 911, with the goal of answering several questions. Is this the Porsche 911 that you have to buy? What is more fun and exciting, the 911 Coupe or 911 Cabriolet?

What are the differences compared to the coupe?

The Porsche 911 Cabriolet can trace its origins to the very origin of Porsche. The first prototype of the Porsche, the 356 “No.1” Roadster was a convertible with a canvas roof. Versions Cabriolet of the Porsche 911 did not come until the year 1982: until then the Targa assumed a perfect balance between enjoyment open to the sky and safety. Although the 911 Cabriolet is not carried or 40 years between us, are versions which are very popular in the Porsche 911 and in some markets they sell more than the Coupe. Porsche promises that this 992 with bodywork convertible is not only just as dynamic and quick as the Coupe, in addition to offer a silhouette suggestive and the traditional canvas roof – perfected to the limit of the technique.

The rear view camera is standard: a lease that Porsche blames the less visible interior of the convertible.

Although Porsche claims that it is actually similar to the Coupe, there are differences between the two sports cars. The first is a difference in weight: the Cabriolet are about 70 pounds heavier than the Coupebecause of reinforcements embedded in its chassis and frame to retain its stiffness. The windshield frame is stronger in the Cabriolet: it is built of high-strength steel to make the structure of the anti-roll. Speaking of safety, this convertible has a bow roll after the both plain rear seats, that only unfolds in the event of a rollover is imminent. Best not to put it to the test on the roads in greece. But without a doubt, the largest structural difference between both cars is the soft top.

A soft-top design really managed to, that closed imitates to perfection the silhouette of the Coupé: with she closed the car’s silhouette is actually slender. The structure of this hood is built in aluminium and magnesium, being really lightweight and compact thanks to it – folded just measures 55 cm wide and 23 cm deep. Being so lightweight, it only requires two mechanisms-hydraulic steering gears to fold and unfold: the operation takes just 12 seconds and can be done both from a button on the center console, as from a button on the remote control to distance of the car. We can certify that their isolation is excellent, and that produces no angostura at the level of the space: space for the head is the same as the Coupe.

Despite being a cabrio, you get a drag coefficient of only 0,30.

It does, however, makes the design of the rear of the Porsche 911 will slightly vary. His back is somewhat more bulky than that of the Coupe. It is bulky, but the effect is increases in the photographs. In vivo results even aggressive and imposing, even though it is less raised and flirty than that of the Porsche 991. The shape of the rear spoiler, and its angle also varies slightly – it is also deployed automatically at 90 km/h, or when we activate the modes Sport/Sport+ if the unit is equipped, the Sport Chrono Package. Finally, this Porsche 911 Cabriolet equipped with a deflector of air power, located between the rear seats.

It unfolds in two seconds and in combination with the side windows closed, minimized the turbulence in the passenger compartment up to high speeds. It seems incredible, but it is possible to hold a conversation at 120 km/h without having to raise too much the voice. At highway speeds the secondary school makes it an ideal choice to improve our comfort. The rest of mechanical elements, engineering and technology do not vary in the Porsche 911 Cabrio with respect to the Coupe. For the moment, is only available in versions S and 4S are equipped with engine 3.0 boxer biturbo 450 BHP. At the moment there is only option to change PDK dual-clutch and eight relations. In the future, there will be different levels of power and manual changes.

Porsche has not communicated if there are differences of stiffness with respect to the Coupe. Yes I can assure you that not flexa a bit bumpy parts.

A toy for children adults

They say that the only difference between children and adults is the size of their toys, and this Porsche 911 Cabriolet is ample proof of this. The day began without rain, but the asphalt was very wet, and my hands had a propulsion unit to the rear. What could go wrong? I reviewed mentally their figures acceleration: to be equipped with the Sport Chrono Package, this 911 Cabriolet S does the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. If it had been a 4S with all-wheel drive we would be talking about 3.6 seconds. These are figures that just a decade ago were only within the reach of the supercars more exclusive and elitist. I know that your top speed is 306 km/h, but was not on the Autobahn, was to the south of Athens. It was not that day.

The car that I tested was a unit painted in color Lizardgrün, a green really cantoso – an extra 3.095 euro. The interior of the unit was completely black, with sports seats in leather and fabric with a plaid pattern very retro. This combination of colors seemed to me fascinating, like the car of the other peers, and white with the red interior. The Porsche 911 Cabriolet is the most hedonistic and enjoyable of the 911, it should never be a car that is discreet and restrained. Without further delay, I start the engine – the rotary control starting to the left of the steering wheel, where it should be – and the boxer biturbo wake up from their slumber. This car mount sport exhaust, optional: two huge exhaust outlets oval betray you.

The sound of the 911 air will always be better, but this boxer biturbo sounds like a real glory. A great merit, bearing in mind that mounts a particle filter.

I get up and for a moment I forget about the hybrids, electric cars and the happy SUV. In a sport of truth is sitting close to the ground, and is enjoyed at all times of the resounding melody of their escapes. The go to open sky is a multiplier of the sensations. With the heating up of whole cloth, I leave behind the beautiful coast roads, going in a climb of a mountain desert. Without hesitation, I move the mode selector the driving mode into Sport+ and I release the beast. The exhaust tone becomes more rough, the car reduces two gears and the steering hardens. The 911 is with the muscles tensed, and waiting for the starting gun. Sink the right pedal and I’m out like a missile.

It is difficult to describe with words the sensation of acceleration without an apparent limit of this 911. Your push is aggressive and violent, without delay in the performance of their turbos. When you go to open sky, I hear with precision the blowing of the two turbos. The hiss of the discharge valve becomes addictive, and the car eats curves with an ease unreal. It is an absolutely visceral, but somehow more refined in the Porsche 991. And a large part of this improvement is due to the new PDK. Even in the Sport+ the gear changes does not shake us up, and although it may seem impossible, it is a change even more fast and smart. The predictive ability of its electronic management has left me speechless.

The Porsche 911 has for more than 50 years committed to a philosophy of the rear engine. The result is a car very special.

I was so in tune with my style of driving that I have forgotten to change gear with paddles behind the wheel. The firm the leg was broken, and a lot of gravel covered the curves. Other curves were still wet. Conditions little suited to a sporty drive and 450 HP… on paper. The car is so intelligent and effective that you will never let you get into a real trouble. You will slip behind at the exit of a curve and culeará if you accelerate in the wet, but never lose control. Is able to make you feel a real pilot the most novice of drivers, rewarding the more experts with a performance that must be lived to be believed.

The 911 Cabriolet makes it all so well, that without meaning to you’re driving rhythms “prison”. You must keep a cool head and not poison. The limit of this car is very high, but you can’t bend the laws of physics. Only in the circuit we should have the courage to look for it. Only circuit we could appreciate the dynamic differences between the convertible and the Coupé, differences that only an experienced pilot could tilt the balance in a clear way. And you may even could cost him his find: the 911 Cabriolet mounts for the first time the suspension adaptive PASM (1.072 euros), before reserved only to the 911 more and more dynamic.

The absence of roof acts as a multiplier of the sensations that we live in, your steering wheel.

What is the price of the Porsche 911 Cabriolet?

The Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet that I have tested has a starting price of 154.395 euros, a price that is 16.290 euro higher than that of the 911 Carrera S with body Coupe. And we are talking about the 911 convertible “access”. If you want to buy a Carrera 4S Cabriolet with all-wheel drive, we have to pay at least 163.355 euros. This generation of the Porsche 911 Cabriolet has been raised with regard to the Porsche 991 – although you will still have to launch the versions of access the Porsche 992, with engines less powerful. Despite bad we are not cars at all affordable: are sporting very premium.

Now, I think they are worth every euro that Porsche asks for them. Machines are absolutely prodigious, the result of an effort of constant evolution on an original concept whose origin is in the austerity after the Second World War: engines boxer in rear position. And bear in mind that they just landed on the market. It seems incredible that they are so effective and fun, with a mechanical configuration so theoretically imperfect. In the future there will be versions Turbo, versions GT3 versions of access… and even hybrid versions of this wonderful anomaly in the world of the performance car.

The Porsche 911 Cabriolet already are on sale in the dealer network of the German mark in Spain.

Featured video of the Porsche 911

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The Porsche 911 is the great universal icon of sports cars. On the one hand, includes the best of the technology of Porsche and, on the other, a car is faithful to a long tradition of several decades in which it respects the original scheme of rear engine and keep the master lines of the first model. The 911 of the steering wheel is one of the best cars in the world, without a doubt.


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