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What problems, again, in Spyker? Koenigsegg cancels the supply of V8 engines

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What seemed to be one of the agreements most interesting of the automotive industry finally, it has been nothing. During the Geneva motor show, 2017, Spyker and Koenigsegg announced to the public in a agreement for the supply of engines V8 Koenigsegg for the re-launch of Spyker. We spoke of a perfect equation that combined a motor of high flights and a constructor able to create true works of art. But the story has had a happy ending and Koenigsegg, or has delivered, or will deliver, to any V8 engine to Spyker.

The lack of news on the C8 Preliator and the “rupture” with Koenigsegg portend a dark future for Spyker

In March 2017 under the spotlights of the Geneva motor show we saw Chrisitan Von Koenigsegg (CEO of Koenigsegg) and Victor Muller (CEO of Spyker) pose so smiling next to a black canvas that concealed what appeared to be an engine. Spyker had just announced their plans to relaunch the brand around the new Spyker C8 Preliator, a new sport that needed a new impeller in the height of the circumstances.

In this way Koenigsegg came on the scene and announced an agreement on an exclusive basis for the supply of 200 units with a 5.0 engine aspirated V8 with 600 BHP of power maximum 7,100 rpm, 600 Nm of maximum torque at 5,700 rpm, a ceiling, turning 8,000 rpm and is associated with a manual change to 6 relationships with rear wheel drive. It was difficult to imagine a better recipe for the new sport of Spyker, for a sitting were made with a mechanical developed exclusively for them and with a few features that even converted their cars in rarities given the frenzy in the market by adding turbochargers and automatic gearboxes for any new release.

But there has been no happy ending. Just a few weeks ago, on the occasion of an interview given by the spokesperson of Koenigsegg Steve Wade to Autovisie, we were able to discover that finally, Spyker had failed to comply with the conditions of the agreement for the supply of V8 engines, in conditions that have not been revealed but that point to a lack of liquidity on the part of Spyker. With this setback Koenigsegg canceled the agreement, wishing all the best to Spyker from that time, but keeping it in the drawer its new V8 engine the maximum power that becomes to be free to find dance partner.

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