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We tested video on the new Mercedes GLB: the SUV family that sold today Mercedes

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Mercedes has decided to expand its range SUV with a formula that is unprecedented to date, as with the new GLB , the German firm gets full in the segment of the todocaminos of up to 7 squares. This is an ambitious commitment, a concept of an SUV of clear dyes family that aims to reach out to a wider audience, standing as an alternative most versatile to that offered in the Mercedes GLA and GLC. For this reason, today we test the Mercedes GLB 2020 to discover their light and dark as the SUV of a family nature.

With Up to 7 seats and lots of interior space, the GLB advocates a recipe unpublished in the range SUV of Mercedes

The Mercedes GLB advocates a formula, interesting in that we found an SUV that aims to make yours the best of the cars of type van, hence its exterior design, its battle of 2.829 millimeters, or the priority to make maximum use of its interior space and can accommodate up to 7 seats. With this, Mercedes aims to convert the GLB on the main alternative models as the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace or the Land Rover Discovery Sport, but at the same time this GLB is also intended to scratch sales to suvs of approach premium as the BMW 2-Series Active or Grand Tourer.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 212Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 212

In the Spanish market, the Mercedes GLB will be marketed in about 5 engines: two diesel and 3 petrol. Supply diesel consists of an engine 2.0 turbo available in power ratings of 150 and 190 HP, while the portfolio gasoline is composed by the engine, 1.33-Turbo 163 HP, a 2.0 Turbo-224 HP and a third step signed by AMG with a 2.0 Turbo of 306 HP, giving life thereby to the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35. The possibilities in both transmission are based on an automatic gearbox of double clutch of 8 relations for all engines, being of 7 gears for the petrol engine of 163 HP. The traction will be 4×2 diesel engines of 150 and petrol of 163, although optionally you can install a 4×4 system yes that comes equipped standard on the other engines.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 200Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 200

As you can see in our video test on this first contact, the Mercedes GLB follows the path of other models of recent launch as the Mercedes A-Class or the Mercedes Class B, this means that in the field of infotainment and assistance to the driving we found a wide arrayof the best on the market in its segment. Especially the interface MBUX with a dual-screen LCD of up to 10,25″system that offers a complete experience in quality, information and possibilities. It is added to a system, HUD color and a wizard by voice that makes it very easy to interact with the vehicle.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 236Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 236

In terms of quality and interior space this Mercedes GLB makes good use of its dimensions to meet the maximum use, finding up to 7 seats in your car. The second row of seats has enough space to accommodate two adults of great size, being only limited by a central plaza that only recommend for use by children. Yes, the second row features adjustable length up to 14 cm, possibility to recline the seatbacks and split 40:20:40 for partitioning the interior space of a distinction. Added to this the fact that you have two wheels and dedicated two USB sockets type C.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 241Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 241

If we want to install the third row of seats we find a two-seater specials, two-seater that according to Mercedes they are not recommended for heights over 1.68 meters in height, so that we speak of a SUV 7-seater primarily focused on the transportation of children. More than the commitment by the height available, perhaps the biggest penalty of these places is in a difficult access from the side doors in the rear. Once seated the space is right in the middle of its category, having, in addition, two USB sockets Type C additional, two ISOFIX (up to 4 in total in the GLB 7-seater) and enough comfort to make trips of short and medium distance.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 245Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 245

And what happens with the trunk of the GLB? Since we are one of the strong points of this SUV, as with 570 litres available in the configuration of 5 seats, the possibilities of load are very large. In the case of take advantage of its 7-seater the boot remaining is 150 litres.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 330Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 330

Arrival time to get behind the wheel of the Mercedes GLB we find a car that’s as one would expect, makes comfort their priority. However, this does not mean that the ways of this GLB stand for a good compromise between comfort and stability, finding a car that does not suffer in excess of the inertia of its size and weight, and which also offers a level of grip high in versions 4×4 that we tested during this presentation. The diesel engine of 190 HP is without a doubt my top recommendation for all those who want to take good advantage of the possibility of the GLB as a family member, a motor with thrust more than enough and consumptions are adjusted to accumulate miles without having to stop to refuel on a frequent. Your alternative gasoline more interesting to find it in the engine 1.33 Turbo, for smoothness and balance between consumption and performance, although it will be a motor that will be something more right at the time where we travel with all the seats occupied, a point where the diesel makes it the smart choice.

Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 108Mercedes Glb 2020 1119 108

In short, Mercedes has been able to create the family SUV that was missing, a car that follows the fashion of the SUV to reinvent the concept of family car and turn it into a very serious alternative to the Mercedes B-Class. Your offer space with up to 7 seats, the possibilities in equipment and infotainment and a range of engines convincingly make the GLB family member to be taken into account within the premium segment. An SUV that looks like that has everything to convince your target audience, and where we have only missed a bet more ambitious in both its possibilities offroad, a section where the GLB is limited to meet as todocamino.


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