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First flight of the Stratolaunch, the largest plane in the world. Video

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MikelGF.- Stratolaunch, the largest plane in the world took off for the first time this Saturday, flying over the Mojave desert in California. The aircraft, with two airframes, six engines, Boeing 747, landing with a total of 28 tires, has a distance between the ends of its wings of 117 metres.

During its first test flight, the Stratolaunch was in the air for two and a half hours, reaching a height of 5.182 metres and a maximum speed of 304 km/h. The pilots of the aircraft they evaluated their performance and conducted maneuvers out of control. “This was a fantastic first flight,” he said in a press release Jean Floyd, executive director of Stratolaunch Systems. “The flight today is a step forward in our mission to provide a flexible alternative to the systems launched from earth.”


The Stratolaunch has been designed to function as a launch platform for space rockets. The aircraft can carry rockets equipped with satellites and take them to an altitude of about 10 km, At that point release the rockets to put their satellites in orbit. Supports a total load of more than 220 tons. According to its creators, hope that in this way their could reduce the cost of space missions by providing a more flexible form that the rocket vertical takeoff, since you only need a long runway.

The aircraft, was manufactured by the engineering firm Scaled Composites, and funded by the late Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft.

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(Photos: Stratolaunch Systems)

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