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EPP: this is the new platform of Audi and Porsche to create the electric cars the premium of the group

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By 2025 Audi is expected to launch no less than 20 new electric cars, ups also will have many other developments parallel in the rest of the Volkswagen group. To do this the stakes for the modular platforms will be a key pillar, discovering today, the platform that will be without a doubt, the cornerstone of the ranges of Audi and Porsche when it comes to electric cars, an architecture PPE designed to go a step beyond in technology, performance and behavior.

The bulk of the electric range of the Audi and Porsche will be based on this new platform EPP

Premium Platform Electric or EPP is the new platafora modular electric vehicle developed by Audi and Porsche to meet all your needs in the field of cars cutting aspirational, so much so that in the same way may also be serving other group brands such as Bentley or even Lamborghini and Bugatti when the time comes. To date, the structure of the Volkswagen group had been based on the platform MLB EVO (Audi e-tron), a mixed environment of transition that allows you to use different types of propulsion systems.

Audi E Tron 50 QuattroAudi E Tron 50 Quattro

* Platform MLB EVO – Audi e-tron

“Infinite” electric cars are all from the same base

Soon this platform MLB EVO, will be relieved by the new platform PPE designed to serve only electrical propulsion systems to batteries, being a rung above the platform MEB aimed at models such as the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Audi Q4 e-tron, and just below the platform J1 designed for the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT in a search of the maximum benefits. So to speak, a condensed form, all the intermediate range of SUVS, saloon cars, estate cars, coupes, etc., will be developed on the basis of the new modular platform EPP.

Plataforma Meb Audi Q4 1019 01Plataforma Meb Audi Q4 1019 01

* Platform MEB – Audi Q4 e-tron

The main attraction of this platform can be found in a much better use of space, offering interior dimensions higher than models of similar size, exterior with internal combustion engine. This feature is common in this type of platform. On the other hand Audi has confirmed that this architecture will be able to install a electric motor per axle, thus offering configurations of traction, propulsion or all-wheel drive on demand. The batteries will be located under the floor of the cabin, reaching capacities in the environment of 100 kWh.

Tecnologia Lanzamiento Taycan 3Tecnologia Lanzamiento Taycan 3

* Platform J1 – Porsche Taycan

The electric future of the Volkswagen Group will be around 3 modular platform and its many possibilities

The best of the Taycan to a size and price below

In the matter of recharging one of the strong points of this platform EPP is that it will take to himself the technology premiered on the platform on the J1, which results in an installation of 800 volts compatible with fast charging direct current of up to 350 kW. In addition, in terms of equipment, the design of this new architecture has been made with the intention of making it compatible with systems 4-wheel steer, air suspension or the control vector of the pair. All in all, the range of application of the architecture PPE will allow a wide range of uses and applications, because in addition to being able to modify its length and battle, also you can adapt its height so that it can serve the needs of SUV or crossover.

Audi E Tron Gama 1019 004Audi E Tron Gama 1019 004

The first model from Audi that will make use of this platform is the new hatchback style coupe shown recently, a younger brother of the Audi e-tron GT that everything points to that will occupy the space of the Audi A5 Sportback in key electrical. If we take the leap to the range Porsche, this platform will be the that of life to the next Porsche Macan electric, as well as being the basis that it is speculated could use a Bentley for your first car 100% electric.


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