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Why Lamborghini studied and then discarded the manual switch in Hurricane and Aventador

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For years, Lamborghini decided to get rid of the boxes of manual change to the lack of interest from customers and the improvement of the automatic changes. However, after this decision applauded by many and reviled by many others, also hides an attempt carried in the “secret” to recover the changes manually to series very limited Huracán and Aventador. But something did not work on this internal investigation, something that even today is still making it practically impossible to re-fabricate a Lamborghini manual.

Lamborghini already buried the manual changes and not even make a series in a limited edition convinces them

We have to go back to the Lamborghini Murcielago and Lamborghini Gallardo to remember a manual switch associated with the engine V12, and V10 respectively. These were the last Lambo to offer a transmission with the classic selector switch to “H”, an option which was then reduced in a manner sensitive to its relevance in sales, and therefore forced Lamborghini to bet it all for the automatic gearboxes. This Lamborghini decided to offer a change piloted for the Aventador and a dual-clutch transmission for the Hurricane as the only options.

But today we discover that there is still someone at Lamborghini thinks that combining their V10 or V12 with a manual gearbox would be a good idea, an idea that even motivated the brand to seriously study this possibility. After a study of interest in this setting and its possible sale, Lamborghini arrived at the conclusion that the only way to take to the streets this idea will be through the manufacturing of a limited series, however, nor even so would the numbers, because the costs of developing a manual gearbox specific to a Hurricane or Aventador, make it unfeasible for the project.

Make a Lamborghini manual in a limited edition would be a clear object of greed, and although the brand says otherwise, insurance could be profitable

According to the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicalli to MotorTrend, the development of a Lamborghini with a manual change to these times would require a very limited production – about 200 units – higher its price at us $ 25,000, being even so a project a little or not cost effective for the investment that it involves. And yet, in Diariomotor we wonder if you really Lamborghini has explored all the potential that entails to manufacture a limited series of the Huracán or the Aventador with manual shift mode, as with the rise of the Special Projects and the commissioners at prices that billionaires like the Lamborghini Centennial or the Lamborghini Sesto Element, we find it hard to believe that you can not get the demand and profitability required to sell a Lambo manual.

Featured video of the Lamborghini Hurricane

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The Lamborghini Huracán shares a mechanical platform with the Audi R8, but has a personality of its own quite marked. Aesthetically it’s quite more attractive than its brother the Audi, with a plus of aggressiveness and “italianness”, but its interior is a bit backward with respect to the German version for quality, design and even ride comfort. Sports of truth, but less usable.


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