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Why the DGT force you to use gloves on a bike

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Over the last few months we have been listening to the possibility that the DGT to make compulsory the use of gloves when riding a bike, a measure that recently was confirmed by the DGT without giving yet still accurate details about your application, on its entry into force or how it would be implemented, what will be worth all kinds of gloves? How will that bring in all kinds of circumstances and with all types of bikes? What points do I lose and what will be the penalty for not taking them?

In recent months, the DGT has put the spotlight on the riders and the figures of accidents justify it

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With a multitude of questions still about it, and while we keep waiting for new news on the part of the DGT, it is important to reflect on as we face this new measure, what legislation is excessive or necessary?

If we take into account the unprotected located the driver of the bike, as it greatly reduce the severity of injuries in case of fall with the right clothes and the right equipment and the simple and relatively inexpensive that it is equipped with some good motorcycle gloves should only see with good eyes that the DGT legislated on, and then mandated its use.

The DGT has confirmed the compulsory nature of wearing gloves but has not yet announced when it will enter into force

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Because yes, we all prefer the awareness-raising and education to prevent accidents or that the injuries are less serious, but the use of gloves is something so widespread and so common, even on small journeys and in bikes of all displacements, which make its use mandatory, you should only really affect it to such a small percentage of the user bike that had not yet taken awareness about the importance of them and that maybe I would not do it is not compulsory to use, no longer face to protect us from the inclemency of the weather, but for our safety.

Our instinct leads us to put the hands on the floor automatically in case of fall and a small arrastrón to 50 km/h without gloves can be painful (and a lot) and cause us to already significant injury when a glove could simply stay a little scare and some other broken plastic on our bike.

The DGT has also spoken to the drivers of motorcycle will be able to have 2 more points on the driving license

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Remember that in addition to the helmet and the gloves is advisable to use other items, such as jackets with protections, pants and knee-high boots. Currently not using a helmet and a penalty with the loss of 3 points on the driving license even though the DGT expects to extend the sanction to a loss of 4 points.

In addition it has also been spoken of giving 2 additional points on the driving license to those users of bike that they take a course of safe driving, although the DGT has not given details on this measure, as the obligation to wear gloves, it has been officially confirmed.


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