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Why Dacia should launch an electric car

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Despite the fact that Dacia has spent years focusing on recipes that are safe, that work, during this time there has been much talk about the possibility that Dacia launch its own electric car. That is the future. And all the manufacturers are working against the clock, to develop a range of electric cars competent. Now, why should launch Dacia an electric car?

Dacia would be to launch an electric car

Dacia has managed to attract the client, to compete with cost effective products without being ashamed of it. In fact, its economic side is perhaps the most make you proud to many customers, who do not feel that they have acquired a cheaper car, because the rest were out of their possibilities, but they have made a smart purchase.

We think that the products most demanded of Dacia are not versions of access and price hook, the price you see in their advertising campaigns. And that many of their customers end up setting up versions more equipped and expensive, yet still below the price of its rivals, such as the versions Stepway.

The market needs electric cars economic and Dacia can give it to you

There are many reasons why many shoppers, that are likely to be attracted by the electric cars, not yet raised your purchase. It is the need of a charging point private, or the autonomy, but without a doubt one of the most important aspects, and the image that you are reaping the electric is that the electric car is not necessarily expensive.

The margins for cost savings on an electric car are reduced, meaning that a good part of his cost is a consequence of the price of the batteries. But Renault already has in the bedroom electrical products of economic nature, whose lace it would be perfect with the emblem of Dacia in the front, and not the diamond, taking into account that Renault already has an electric very competitive, the Renault Zoe.

Of course we talk about the Renault K-ZE, an electric crossover is very small, of the vocation of urban, which initially will be marketed in China. Renault has not yet confirmed his arrival in Europe, but we cannot be the slightest doubt that it would be an interesting option, and that would fit perfectly in the philosophy of Dacia, the car economic, and practical.

More images of the Renault K-ZE:

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