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For Promotion the pay in the highways is a matter to discuss

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EFE.- The minister of Promotion, functions, José Luis Abalos, has explained this Tuesday that the possibility of imposing a payment “symbolic” in the highways now free is a matter to discuss and on which to reflect, although the process has not started. “It is a matter of debate that is not even started,” said Abalos in an interview with Telecinco.

The owner of the Building has reminded us that in the last legislature raised the creation of a sub-study on the financing of the road network of high capacity. According to Ábalos, this subcommittee, that there came to be, intended to address “from the point of view of serious and rigorous” how to finance the high capacity network, which has a cost of € 1,100 million to the public purse for their conservation needs.

For his part, the president of the employer’s large construction and concession companies (Seopan), Julián Núñez, has described this eventual measure of the”beneficial” both for the Spanish economy as for society as a whole. In declarations to Cadena Ser, has pointed out that, in his opinion, this measure had to be implemented in Spain long before, because in practically all of Europe is paid for the use of the routes of high capacity.

The el pais newspaper published on Tuesday that the Government continues to refine a model to ensure the viability of the network of highways of the State. According to the newspaper, the Ministry of public works deck the pay-per-use of the highways, while the cost to users would be symbolic.

Juanma Moreno is opposed to the idea: “what Is this a joke?”

The president of the regional government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, has shown this Tuesday his opposition to the possibility raised by the central Government to set up a “symbolic payment” in the highways free to reduce with part of this fund-the toll of the highways that are still in private hands.

“What is this a joke?” asked the leader popular. So it has been pronounced Moreno, through his personal Twitter account, complaining that “the Government of the PSOE refuses to pay to Andalusia the 4,000 million, claiming that our parliament”, in relation to the funding system autonomic, “and above want to make us pay for using the highways built with our taxes”. So, after wondering if “is this a joke”, has warned that as president of Andalucía “I oppose from now.”

The opinion of the carriers

The National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain (Fenadismer) has manifested its rejection to the possibility of imposing a payment “symbolic” in the highways because the sector is already contributing to its maintenance through their taxes and would have a negative impact on the export of products to Europe.

The entity has pointed out in a statement that the road transport sector itself already contributes “enough” through the tax of hydrocarbons to the maintenance of the Spanish infrastructure. In addition, it has highlighted that this measure, if approved, would adversely affect the Spanish economy, especially the export of products to european markets.

Fenadismer has been argued that the establishment of a fee for the use of the highways would increase the costs of exploitation of the activity of the transport, which would affect the value of the final products, which would lose competitiveness in european markets.

For its part, the PSOE has called the “peace of mind” to the possible measure raised by the central Government to set up this payment in the highways free and has stated that what is “important” to Andalusia is that the executive of Pedro Sanchez “is fully committed” with the elimination of the toll on the AP-4 between Seville and Cadiz.

Through your profile on the social network Twitter, the spokesman of the Socialist Group in the andalusian Parliament, José Fiscal, has said the Government “will do what they did not do or Rajoy or the PP”.

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