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What would you pay more than 65,000 euros for brand new this pristine BMW 325ix E30?

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The BMW 325ix was the first BMW to equip an awd system permanent. Among other reasons, that’s why the range of SUV bavarian manufacturer is preceded by the letter ‘ x ‘ amount. It was launched to the market in 1985, as a response to the Audi awd Quattro – at the time unbeatable on the stages of rally of the Group B. The BMW 325ix E30 was sold in coachwork Touring family, and in version four-door, being the most sought after versions two door Coupe. The BMW 325ix E30 on the addressed in this article is very special, but is it sufficient justification for its high price?

In the first place, let’s see what car we get home if we accept the deal proposed to us by Supervettura, a specialist british classics. The car in question is a BMW 325ix E30, with the body of four doors and an equipment modest, in that it does not include leather seats or alloy wheels, extra desirable at the time. The rear spoiler and the wheel arches slightly widened were common to all BMW 3 Series awd. The car is equipped with a manual gearbox five relationships and is in perfect condition both body and interior.

Has never been registered and has barely 500 km on the odometer. Technically we are looking at a new car with almost 33 years of age.

Its interior is simple and focused on driving. Surprised by the evolution of the interior of the car in such a short time. Everything is where it should be, no frills or adornments. Under the hood we find one of the engines most legendary BMW, a M20B25 six-cylinder in-line 2.5 liters of cubicaje. In the BMW Series 3 E30 the engine developed 170 HP, a figure more than respectable for the time, thanks to a modern system of injection Bosch Motronic. The all-wheel drive system of the BMW 325ix gave out the 40% power to front and 60% to the rear-wheel drive.

This deal fixed surprising to us today, and it seems anachronistic, but in its day it was revolutionary. It was oriented not only to good behavior on slippery surfaces, but as a support to the dynamic characteristics of the car. Thanks to a weight of about 1,300 kg, the BMW 325ix was able to accelerate to 100 km/h in just over 9 seconds. From then on, BMW continued to expand its offering of vehicles with all-wheel drive, which today we can find optionally or standard on virtually all of its range. The car in question is manufactured in April of 1986 and it only has 508 km on its odometer. Even your tires are the Michelin original.

Maybe your sellers are looking for the car to be purchased by the BMW. Although it is on sale in the Uk, your steering wheel is on the left.

Here is the key of the 60,000 pounds sterling that asks Supervettura for this unit. It is a capsule temporary, a car that was practically new that could well be in the BMW museum in Munich. Because market-level and at the level of supply and demand, its price is not justified, for a lot of “bubble” that surrounds the BMW 3 Series E30. In any case, it is a very special drive a car very interesting, and although your price is too high, you can’t imagine your steering wheel. If you were disgustingly rich I would devote myself to buy this type of cars, for estrenarlos as if it were a traveller temporary.

Of illusions also live.

Source: CT | Supervettura
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The BMW 3 Series is a sedan the modern competes with the A4 and C-Class from Audi and Mercedes. As an alternative to the sedan, there is also a variant family and another 5-door, the 3 Series GT.


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