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New regulations CAP introduced with the reform of the ROTT

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Writing.- A year ago, a Group Fortrans, company of training of professional drivers, presented to the Assistant director-General for Planning and policy D. Emilio Sidera a document proposal for the modification full of Royal Decree 1032/2007 regulator of CAP in Spain.

After eight years of the entry into force of the regulation CAP for professional drivers for the road transport sector, the current dynamics surrounding the core courses in the CAP pushed to the regulations is amended, in the interest of updating it and acompasarla the benefit of the system of delivery of these courses for the professional drivers.

Being the first company in Spain, recognized by leading manufacturers in vehicle industry and the auxiliary industry through the Program Multiespecialización pioneer in Spain, to present a complete proposal for amendment of the regulations governing in Spain of the CAP, as is observed with time, since its entry into force, how there have been certain aspects of the CAP that have been distorted by your malpractice, so they proposed a series of changes aimed to help the objectives of CAP are to be an instrument of positioning of the Spanish companies of the transport sector to professionalize their drivers.

Last February 20 was published in the Official State Gazette the amendment to the Regulation of Land Transport Planning, in whose compilation included among the Annexes a partial amendment of the regulations for CAP, including many of the proposals contained in the report delivered to the Directorate General. The Group Fortrans appreciates the changes both as a business participant of the process of change, as the collective of training centres for transport and logistics.

Here are the updates to the system CAP in Spain:

.- The courses given by a licensed facility must be adjusted to a model previously approved without the same expires, therefore do not modify the content or characteristics of the course. When the same natural or legal person is holder of various authorized service centers, will be able to impart in all of them the courses that had been approved to any of the same, without the need for a new approval.

.- The authorized centres shall communicate by electronic means to the competent body in the territory in which they are located, each course that is going to be done with a minimum of 10 days on the course and 24 hours of their onset on the students who attend.

.- The absence of a student without good cause, detected during the performance of an inspection visit, give place to the competent organ decides the lack of validity of the course for that student through an express resolution.

.- The training center applicant must provide proof of premises open to the public that are suitable for the practice of teaching, and that they have a system of biometric access control digital that meets the characteristics that determine the General Direction of Land Transport in order to facilitate the control of attendance to the courses taught, both on the part of training given in the classroom as that provided on board a vehicle.

.- When alumno stop attending, for any cause, a five percent or more of the hours of the course, shall be excluded from this.

.- L– to-card qualification CAP will be issued with a validity period of up to five years. The competent body shall proceed to replace the said card by another of an identical duration every time the driver certifying you have passed a complete course of continuous training, as envisaged in this royal decree, within the preceding twelve months, after checking that your driving licence is in force. The issuance of a new card of qualification of the driver will require the removal of the previous one.

For the Group Fortrans, “with these changes, it is able to satisfy the needs of both the professional drivers in active as of a higher and a desirable quarry drivers young professionals that will eradicate the scarcity with which we live today.”

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