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Do not travel with the feet on the dashboard, in addition to dangerous you can get a ticket

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Summer, time of trips, kilometres and kilometres by road to our destination and they have a bad habit widespread that it has nothing to do with speeding or other violations recurring, but with a poor posture , and no, not the one who leads, how to get the elbow out of the window, but our co-pilot and that is to bring the feet up on the dashboard (how many times have you seen?) it is in addition dangerous to a reason of penalty.

Travel with the feet on the dashboard

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Travel with the feet on the dashboard can be in a comfortable position, with the leg stretched out in height, but is also a position of risk in which we can get much worse harmed in case of an accident.

And is that the design of the security elements of our car, the belts of security and the airbag, have not been designed to travel with the feet on the dashboard. Think of the result, as you can finish your legs, in case of a shock, not only by the impact itself, but by the violence of the explosion of the airbag on your legs. Broken bones, problems with the joints…

The airbag of the front passenger is designed to stop the chest or our face, not our legs, and even less to do it the way in which we tend to take the legs on the dashboard.

All this without losing sight of the safety belt will react worse by our posture more hunched, with the back less straight than what you’d wear on a more conventional, thus a possible effect of submarine that takes us to drift below the belt, golpeándonos as well with the dashboard.

But, what is the fine for bringing the feet up on the dashboard? Will I lose some point of their driving license for it?

Fine for carrying the feet on the dashboard:

Pagar Multa Telefono Guardia CivilPagar Multa Telefono Guardia Civil

Point 2 of article 11 on the general rules of drivers of the General Regulation of Circulation is the article that support the agents to be able to report you to bring your feet up on the dashboard, an article 18, which tells us the following:

2. The driver of a vehicle is required to maintain its own freedom of
movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, which
ensure your own safety, the rest of the occupants of the vehicle and the other
users of the pathway. To these effects, you must take special care to maintain the position
adequate and that you keep it for the rest of the passengers, and the proper placement of the
objects or animals being transported so that there is no interference between the driver and
any one of them.

The penalty for carrying the feet on the dashboard is of 100 euros, a penalty which we can accept the early payment to reduce the amount by 50% always and when do not we go and pay in a period of 20 days. This penalty will fall on the driver if our escort does not have a driver’s license.

Pagar Multa Telefono Guardia Civil 3Pagar Multa Telefono Guardia Civil 3

This infringement does not involve the loss of points from your license , and economically it is one of the offenses in the less we have to pay, but, as we mentioned before, it can put you in serious danger in case of accident so that, as co-pilot, do not put your feet up on the dashboard and driver awareness to your companions that do not do it, not by fine, for their own safety.


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