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We are not seguratas. “The trucker anarchist”. Opinion

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As each time a law that gives dignity to our profession and intends that the employees of the sector be treated like any other worker, then go for the illuminated shift hassling. Today we will discuss one of the most viewed in the wake of the ban on the rest of 45 hours in the cockpit.

Do not stop hitting post on the Internet warning of the increase of robberies in the wake of the prohibition of the 45 hours of rest in the cabin.Let’s go by parts. With a clear understanding that the most we sites as safe as possible to prevent theft, beyond this, what’s pretend?, what we are faced with one who comes to steal the cargo?. By the account that we have, when we make the breaks out of base, we all try to park in areas patrolled and open 24 hours. Areas each time is scarce more, in large part, because they are not profitable, because the cuts in allowances and wages in the sector, have caused many to eat and dine drawer without spending in the areas. We have all seen in areas with car parks full, then have the canteen empty.

There is the option of the parkings of payment monitored, but of course, when it works to prices miserable, any small extra expense is a tragedy and it is always easier to pressure the employee to break the law and do the rest by monitoring the load, to be an entrepreneur of truth and to apply the increased costs to the price of the service. For many years, employees in the sector we have made several functions but charge you little and badly for a single, we drive (that we pay), we load and we unload (for the face or for a charity) and now, pretend that we are also seguratas. Of strake.

That is the problem with the theme, this of the theft, aclararos a little thing: the rest time is that, time of rest, in which, the driver has his time to do what they want, not to monitor the goods or the diesel. If there is to monitor the merchandise or diesel, is not a time of rest, the security would count as “other work”. So for my part I am clear, who wants a security officer, you pay for it.

Basilio Aragon

(Archive photo)


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