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NEVS has a new owner, but their electric cars are not taken to Saab of the tomb

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As the owner of two Saab’s, the death of the company car in 2011, I distressed deeply. They were cars with a intangible different, with innovative solutions that the market never favored especially. Despite having a legion of fans owners and enthusiasts, Saab was defenestrada by General Motors following its bankruptcy. After two years of touring in the desert, closed its doors in 2011. A part of its assets and product lines were acquired by a group of chinese investors, founders of NEVS with his remains, with the aim of re-live it in any way.

The efforts of NEVS have been in my opinion, inadequate, and with little intention. Saab is still dead, and all indications are that it will continue to be during the future medium-and long-term. In fact, NEVS even able to use the trade name of the Swedish brand, since it is in these moments property of its division of aerospace – of which was born the division of cars of Saab, and still working at full performance. NEVS produced some Saab 9-3 at its plant in Trollhättan (Sweden) between 2013 and 2014, but suspended its production due to financial problems of its chinese investors.

NEVS has moved the production and machinery of Saab to China, but remains the owner of the facilities of Saab in Trollhättan, Sweden.

After a process of bankruptcy, NEVS was reconstituted, although Saab AB will be banned to use their trade name in a future. The first “new” car from NEVS was an electric version of the Saab 9-3, sold and manufactured in Tianjin (China), where they moved part of the tooling and the ancient machinery of Saab. The NEVS 9-3 is clearly a Saab 9-3, with a front, a visual and an interior slightly re-designed, unable to hide his origin. Now well, its powertrain is 100% electric, and on paper, have orders of at least 170.000 cars by several chinese companies.

NEVS would have signed an agreement to supply 150,000 cars to the chinese firm Panda New Energy, and China Volant Industry Co. would be responsible to 20,000 units. The status of these orders is unknown, we only know that NEVS would be looking to increase its production capacity up to 200,000 cars per year. The news of the day is that NEVS has just been purchased by Evergrande Group, a giant corporation of china, with a presence in the technology sector, healthcare, and automotive. Have acquired 51% of the shares of NEVS, becoming owners and operators of NEVS.

Evergrande Group owns 32% of the shares of Faraday’s Future, a company of production of electric cars in clear economic troubles.

Evergrande would have paid more than 800 million euros for the shares in NEVS, in addition to granting them a loan of 970 million euros to carry out the expansion of your business. By adding this investment to their shares in Faraday’s Future, Evergrande Group has invested close to 1,800 million euros in the companies of electric mobility. This does not we will return to Saab Automobile, but as hope is the last that is lost, perhaps in a future Saab to be reborn from its ashes as an innovative manufacturer of electric cars, combining know-how Swedish technology and capital to chinese.

As I said Calderón de la Barca, “life is a dream, and the dreams, dreams are”. Or do you not?

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