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While I give back to the croquettes… “Always black”. Opinion

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Some explanation there, but I have not managed to find. To start, there are many hobby groups, a few of professions. However, for truck drivers there are for all tastes and colors on social networks.

Bicyclists, motorists, football fans tend to have their groups and their forums without a problem. In the case of truck drivers is another issue. The normal thing would be that in these groups of truck drivers, they were things related to this profession and what surrounds it, but it turns out that this profession surrounds it all.

We must have a special charm, because the amount of intrus@s that infiltrate or even try to manage our groups in social networks is something alarming, which in many cases, diverts attention from what is important.

Then, try to justify this presence in a professional group saying they had been together for 30 years around the truck, also some meretrices de La Junquera taking those years and do not create groups of truckers.

Now it seems to be that starts to be created any group, forum, page, and publication focused on the day-to-day sector less oriented gossip and more information.

In any case, it seems to have more interest in the pink sauce and gossiping, which in the today’s knowledge, the information and the updating of the regulations and legislations that we are responsible.

Once clarified what each one is concerned, an important tool, free and free as are the social networks, is becoming the garbage dump of the neuras personal.

More than 100,000 companies, 333,000, or vehicles (224,000 persons heavy-duty vehicles SP) (32,000 vehicles light SP), 378.000 authorizations total SP/MP, are the approximate numbers of truck drivers in the public service of goods by road, of them more than 600 co-operatives of transport work associated with it. More than 500,000 cards throughr and still there are those who say that are missing drivers. What they actually lack is entrepreneurs willing to pay for their services.

The figures are eloquent and the reality of it, the same thing that good companies do not look for drivers on the trail of the thousand advertisements or publications through the networks, they do so by legal means as the SEPE (INEM) or even your own workers recommend to colleagues, for which I lack personal.

These ads pachangueros, of dubious origin, and demonstrated insolence, just looking for the picardia of the bidder and the search of the linnet, a shift that strikes an interest.

Every thing in your site, and each of which in its place. Groups of truckers, for truckers and for everything else there is room and place. By the black partner. (Archive photo)

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