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Mercadona reinforces its leadership at the forefront of the Spanish distribution

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EUROPA PRESS.- Mercadona reinforces its leadership at the forefront of the Spanish distribution, after reaching almost the 25% of the market in 2018, which implies a gain of 0.8 points of share, at the push of Lidl and supermarkets regional, while that Day lost by 0.7% points but remains in third place, according to the report ‘Balance of the distribution, and the Great Consumption 2018’ of Kantar Worldpanel.

In particular, one out of every four euros that the Spanish spend large consumption is spent in supermarkets is the signature of Juan Roig, which accounts for 21.2% of the sales of fresh sold in Spain. So, one out of every five euros in fresh produce is spent in the establishments of Mercadona.

The director of the sector of ‘retail’ of Kantar, Florencio Garcia, has pointed out that Mercadona and Lidl are the “only big dealers” who grow up in Spain, being the signature of Juan Roig which has more buyers weekly after having reinforced its bet on the timing mark with innovation in their products.

To Mercadona remains in the classification Carrefour, with a market share of 8.4%, which was 0.3% less than last year and that is in the process of “expansion of its strategic plan” and is trying to become the “reference” in the omnicanalidad.

In relation to the Group to this Day, in the third place, with 7.4% market share, which represents a fall of 0.7 points compared to 8.2% in 2017, due to the fall of your model shop, more classic, harmed by the increased competition. However, 65% of Spanish households have purchased at any establishment of the Dia in the last year.

Day must to make profitable their stores

“Day must be quick to implement its new strategic plan and accelerate the transformation of its surface to the stores profitable, because Day is still to the consumer a large chain and the entire life. But you must take care of your financial problems, they are not reaching the consumer, but the issue of layoffs is more sensitive and can affect,” explained Garcia, who has reminded us that teaches Spanish has the park more stores spread in Spain.

In this way, the loss of its market share is being diluted from its closest competitors such as Mercadona, Lidl, and supermarkets are regional, that are the ones who are benefiting from its fall although there is not a shipping Day to the other strings.

“For Day one of their biggest challenges is to generate and build a new image within the Spanish market, something that has left side with the changes in your strategy. Has already begun and has launched its campaign of lowering prices, which is something that has to recover, like the format of Day&Go, which is evolving in a positive way,” said Garcia.

For its part, the supermarket chain Lidl continues to grow in the Spanish distribution after going up five-tenths, and 4.8% of market share, boosted by its bet on growth in all the trends of the market, as the segment ” bio ” and ” eco-friendly, where is a leader with 16.5% of the fee. In addition, Lidl has become the second largest chain in number of buyers in the Spanish market, reaching already for 4.8% of the national market.

Eroski gives a 0.2 points in 2018, to reach a market share of 5.3%, due to its fall in Catalonia with Caprabo before the arrival of competitors such as Bon Preu or Condis, while maintaining its leadership in Galicia and the Basque Country. Auchan falls 0.1%, but manages to win competitors in the process of changing the format of their proximity with the transformation of Simply by My Alcampo.

For their part, the supermarkets regional (Consum, Ahorramás, Gadisa or Coviran) grew 0.5% in 2018, reaching 11.8% of the market, which allows them to continue their winning positions and to assert themselves as an alternative to the consumer by offering fresh products of quality, proximity and manufacturer brands. (Archive photo)

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