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The three aces in the sleeve of the Mazda 3: the micro-hybrid and the label ECHO SKYACTIV-X

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Mazda attends the beginning of a new era, the arrival of a new generation of products begins with the release, this same year, the new Mazda 3. These days we have already had occasion to meet him a direct, and very soon we will try to tell you more about this compact. In the meantime, we can disclose the three aces that have saved on your sleeve this Mazda 3, the key of a product that aspires to be a reference of a segment and comparable to cars from brands like Audi, BMW, or Mercedes.

1. SKYACTIV-X: a gasoline engine that works like a diesel

One of the developments of which Mazda feels most proud of is, without doubt, the engine SKYACTIV-X. Mazda has developed a gasoline engine that is capable of functioning in a wide range of situations, with ignition by compression, not by spark. The work, technically, as a diesel, Mazda ensures that the new Mazda 3 will get some consumption very low, comparable to that of a diesel, and a high-performance and the smoothness that is expected of an atmospheric petrol engine. This engine will deliver 181 BHP of power.

Until they try him there we can check if it complies with what it promises. What is not in doubt is that Mazda has achieved a milestone, a significant technical progress, and truly useful, which comes to us from a brand “small”, and not of a group automobile manufacture more than 10 million cars per year.

The engine SKYACTIV-X of the Mazda 3 is a gasoline that functions like a diesel, achieving an important saving of fuel, which, together with the system micro-hybrid, presents important advantages, such as label ECHO

2. The Mazda 3 micro-hybrid and its label ECHO

The next year we will start to see proposals for the Mazda in the field of electric and hybrid cars. In the meantime, this Mazda 3 equipped with a micro-hybridsolution, servo assistance, more simple than those applied in conventional hybrids, like the Toyota Corolla, which still allows recognition under the label ECO. You will not have all the advantages of efficiency that brings a full hybrid, especially in urban driving, but yes it will be more affordable, and by its label, ECHO will be able to gain access to restricted areas, such as Madrid Central, or central Madrid in episodes of high pollution.

The Mazda 3 will equip micro-hybrid, and therefore will have tag ECHO in their gasoline engines, which will be the 2.0 SKYACTIV-G 122 HP of power and the new 2.0 SKYACTIV-X-181 HP of power that we already spoke about above.

The Mazda 3 will come very well equipped as standard, and giving a leap in quality that is noticeable

3. A leap in quality is appreciable and equipment

If something we have seen already, is that the Mazda 3 has taken a leap in quality is appreciable. On board, as until now, will continue to count with quality materials and good adjustments, but will improve significantly in the fact that you have since their versions are more basic, with a budget of equipment high. Systems such as the Head-Up Display, entertainment system with a screen of 8.8″, and many others, will be standard across the range.

Doors to the outside we are also seeing an evolution rather than obvious, a design more worked, and a differentiation increased between the two bodies that will be available in this model, between a Mazda 3 5-door, with an approach that is more sporty and youthful, and a Mazda 3 Sedan more elegant and sober. In fact, as we have seen, these days, virtually all the exterior panels of the sedan are different from the 5 door, which also differ in other details, such as the front grille, with frames chrome in the sedan, and mark obscured in the Mazda 3 five-door.

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