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The carriers of the Port of Valencia ask for a solution to the conflict of the empty containers

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Writing.- Associations of carriers and shippers gathered yesterday with the port authority of Valencia in order to advance in the solution of the conflict of the empty containers.

As a follow-up meeting last day February 12, between Fenatport and Aeutransmer in Barcelona, the two associations of carriers of the port of Valencia, TRANSCONT CV and ELTC, Aeutransmer on behalf of the chargers, and those responsible for the Port of Valencia, met yesterday with the aim of seeking solutions to the serious problem that is generated to the carriers and also to the porters for delivery of empty containers without prior review.

The meeting comes after the demand of the carriers, repeated for months in connection with the general state of the empty containers and the consequences that this entails to the carriers dock. A situation that generates serious economic losses to the professional transport that looks like on many occasions, the service is rejected by the client in the bad state of the container, which sometimes forces us to the carrier to bear the costs of that service due to the refusal of assumption of responsibility of the logistics chain.

It should be noted that this situation, aggravated in the last few months in all the ports of the State, is one of the main points of conflict for which the Port of Barcelona is practically paralyzed during this whole week before the claim of the carriers.

In the meeting, it has been analyzed the current situation of the delivery of empty equipment, both in the Terminals and in the Depots, and we have proposed new lines of action, always with the intention of achieving that is to establish a protocol of action to correct the current situation, so detrimental to the carriers. For Transcont CV, this meeting should allow to establish the bases on which to boot a real commitment on the part of companies to assume their responsibility in this matter.

In the same way, Transcont CV denunciation of this situation, extraordinary in the past, has become exceedingly common, that today is coming to also occur in the deposits of containers, damaging severely the quality of service offered from the Port to their final customers, and generating significant losses to the carriers.

Transcont and ELTC have agreed to hold a technical meeting next week in which define the most important aspects to produce a detailed report about the delivery of empty containers in the Port of Valencia.

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