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The carriers of the Port of Algeciras satisfied with the outcome of the meeting held

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Writing.- ATCBA, Association of Carriers by container from the Bay of Algeciras as a member of Fenatport, (National Federation of motor Carriers port), shows his satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting held in Algeciras with freight forwarders, shipping lines, tanks, chargers, committee on stevedoring, transportation and port Authority, in connection with the process of delivery and receipt of empty containers.

This first meeting has allowed us to gain different points of view concerning the management of empty equipment and approximate solutions from the conviction of all parties, of the need to find solutions to improve the current situation. The meeting comes after several months of work, in which ATCBA compiled the information available in relation to the rest of the ports of the State on the problems generated by this situation and the measures taken to improve it.

The participants discussed about issues such as avoiding the carries in mass; the transmission of the whole chain of the categorization of the status of the container, the authorization of the trade-in of equipment in the deposits, the liability in case of refusal on the part of the customer, the technical solvency in the review, the information on the type of load and the need to implement the platform Teleport 2.0.

On the other hand, it is evident that these are issues that have to be addressed from the coordination of the entire port community, so that all of the parties were stationed to participate, in the coming months, in a new work Table that, as requested by ATCBA, should become permanent.

The session is valued by ATCBA and Fenatport as very constructive, being a first step that should allow them to progress in the efficiency of the management of empty in the next few months.

(Photo: Fenatport)


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