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The ten worst drivers in the history of Formula 1

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Let’s face it, the worst it is much more difficult to be the best. If the winners are poppies blooming amongst a field full of weeds, the competition between them should be fierce. In addition, to lose is popular, and only thus is explained how it was going to increase the sympathy for Fernando Alonso as he grew up his beard and retained his belt.

The worst are dear and necessary, and if you don’t see who would have swallowed up the duels between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost without twenty parades around trying to disturb as little as possible. In fact, the less success he had in that will be on the list. So desabróchense the belts, remove the helmet and put the gear in reverse, because these are the ten worst drivers in the history of Formula 1.

10. Luca Badoer, or a point in 51 races

Badoer Monaco F1 1995Badoer Monaco F1 1995

The most purists of this will lie the hands to the head. In the end, Badoer was a pilot competent who drove with enough skill, the irons in which he had to steer. But the numbers are the numbers, and speak out against Luca. And is that Badoer has the ignominious record of being the pilot that more Formula 1 race has played, 51, without adding even a measly point.

It is true, in the 90’s only scored six, and in the times that run Badoer would not have had a problem in adding some point. But if you had any doubt that Badoer had to be here, he returned in 2009 to run two races, nothing more and nothing less, than with Ferrari, replacing injured Michael Schumacher who in turn was to replace the injured Felipe Massa.

Badoer Spa F1 2009Badoer Spa F1 2009

The result was a bloodbath. In his debut at Valencia, Badoer qualified last to a prudent second and a half of the penultimate, Jaime Alguersuari. Then in the race Badoer took advantage of a crash in the exit to retrieve something, but quickly returned to the rear area to finish last, suffering on the way a shameful overtaking of Romain Grosjean in the pit lane.

Even so Ferrari decided to keep faith with him for the race in Spa, a circuit somewhat different from that of Valencia. In the classification Badoer crashed the car, and that vomitase on the grill five minutes before turning off the light not a premonition of a good career. In effect, Badoer finished last to one minute and 42 seconds behind the winner, his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. After this race Ferrari you got out of the car forever.

9. Andrea de Cesaris, the agent of chaos

De Cesaris F1 1990De Cesaris F1 1990

Yes, Andrea de Cesaris made a pole. And yes, it crashed after. In the era of the internet many placed Pastor Maldonado as the prince of destruction par excellence, of the Formula 1, but only one called him “Andrea of Crasharis”, and was not at Maldonado. There was an agent of chaos in Formula 1 before the venezuelan.

De Cesaris has the numbers more daunting of our list. 147 dropouts in 208 Formula 1 racing, an unsurpassed 70% effectiveness to the hour to go ahead of time to win a Grand Prize. Among its major highlights, one stands out with brightness his own: not to finish even a single race in the season 1987, linking up to 22 races in a row without seeing the checkered flag. A genius of another time.

8. Hans Heyer, transgressing the limits

Heyer F1 Hockenheim 1977Heyer F1 Hockenheim 1977

It is clear that if we talk about offenders, no one can overtake Hans Heyer. The time of the preclasificaciones, in which some pilots already went home on the Friday, it was a good fishing ground of pilots corny, but Heyer exceeded all limits. Just went to a race with his old Penske. It was in Hockenheim, in 1977, and obviously it was not the pre-classification.

But that was not going to end up with the dreams of Heyer, I had a plan. Only he had stayed out of the race by two meager posts, so when Clay Regazzoni and Alan Jones crashed in the output Heyer interpreted that as I could run. Without authorization from anyone, the German jumped to the track, and when the FIA took notice and wanted to stop him it was already too late: Heyer had retired due to mechanical problems. If there is a better way to participate than we can say.

7. Taki Inoue, a romance with the Safety Car

Inoue F1 Hungria 1995Inoue F1 Hungria 1995

The japanese pilots often become a focus of excitement on the racing. His aggressive style leads to many messes, but none was able to extrapolarlo off the track as Taki Inoue. And is that this pilot is not here to leave in thirteen of his 18 Formula 1 races or go slow with a Footwork that neither gave for more.

Inoue is on the list for being the only rider in the history able to be hit twice by the safety car. The first time was in Monaco, while still inside the car while they, but the second, in Hungary, it was while Inoue was running through the grass, fire extinguisher in hand to put out a fire in his car. Luckily emerged unscathed from both accidents and now he jokes often about what happened on your Twitter profile, one of the most active and fun of Formula 1.

6. Marco Apicella, the genius minimalist

Apicella Italia F1 1995Apicella Italia F1 1995

Away from the topic and without wanting to fall into the easy joke, the sporting career of Apicella was on a path totally different from that of their predecessors. Only it was presented to a Grand Prix, Italy, 1993, and, unlike others, Apicella yes you managed to pass the pre-sorting, even getting ahead of another illustrious of our list as Badoer.

In the race Apicella released the clutch, pressed the accelerator and did not do much more. 200 meters later, in full straight of Monza, he collided with Rubens Barrichello and JJ Lehto, and never returned by the Formula 1. In this way, Apicella became the rider with the career short of the entire history of the Formula 1, just 200 metres from glory.

5. Alex Yoong, the worst pilot of payment history

Yoong Alonso Japon F1 2001Yoong Alonso Japon F1 2001

The first and only driver of malay in the history of Formula 1 was something more than a simple pilot payment. He arrived to the category with a check under the arm to give Minardi to be the partner first Fernando Alonso and then Mark Webber. Obviously both stars in the making, they fucked up.

In fact, Yoong was unable to overcome the 107% in several classifications, so that he could not participate in the races. Such was the disaster that Minardi had to turn the car in Hungary and Belgium to give you any kind of driving while Anthony Davidson will kept warm the seat. Yoong turned to the last three races, in which at least could run, and finally abandoned the Formula 1 when the money ran out.

4. Jean-Louis Schlesser, ferrarista for a day

Schlesser Italia F1 1988Schlesser Italia F1 1988

Schlesser was another of those characters of a single race in the Formula 1, but it surely was the best of all of them. The season 1988 was being a walk triumphant for McLaren until Nigel Mansell, Williams ‘ driver got sick. The Grove they found a substitute for Jean-Louis Schlesser, with a prestigious record of three preclasificaciones failed in 1983.

Jean-louis Schlesser cost preclasificarse up with the Williams, but, unfortunately for Ayrton Senna, did. The pace of the French was parsimonious, to two seconds per lap on his teammate Riccardo Patrese, when it was left to bend for the third time by Senna. Schlesser tried, but was unable to control his Williams into the chicane Ascari, sending Senna into the air to the delight of the tifosi, who saw in the hand a upset victory. And yes, after jean-louis Schlesser won the Dakar.

3. Yuji Ide, the FIA took the superlicencia

Ide Australia F1 2006Ide Australia F1 2006

The most recent of our list. Taki Inoue thought that she was going to be left with the honor of being the worst in japanese history until it came to Yuji Ide. With 29 years and a runner-up position in Formula Nippon as the best result, Ide came to the Formula 1 of the hand of the japanese team Super Aguri and Takuma Sato as his companion. It lasted only four races.

In the first Major Awards, a red flag was synonymous with top of Ide, to which even had to be taught to put the gear in reverse by radio during the Australian Grand Prix. But the crowning moment came at Imola. In the second chicane Idea was ahead of Christijan Albers, making him give several turns of the bell. In an unprecedented event, the FIA removed the superlicencia to Ide and never returned to Formula 1.

2. Gary Brabham, the pilot is the slower of the story

Brabham F1 1993Brabham F1 1993

Normally, even for what have been able to practice in their childhood, the children’s legends tend to be pilots quite presentable. It was not the case of the rod of Jack Brabham. The son of three-time australian tried to preclasificarse on two occasions for a Formula 1 race, in both of them without success.

However, it was in the first attempt, on the street circuit of Phoenix, where Brabham grazed the glory with the yolk of the fingers. Marked the qualifying lap slower of the story, almost 40 seconds off the time that earned him the pole position for Gerhard Berger. In total, there were some meager 34,1 seconds that separated from classified, and only 38,5 those who missed to exit from the pole. Minutiae.

1. Victor on The Pease, running in Formula 1 at 70 km/h

Al Pease F1 Canada 1967Al Pease F1 Canada 1967

But Brabham chose a bad time to decide to run a race of Formula 1 to an average of 100 km/h. In the 90’s the FIA had already decided that that was dangerous, putting rules like 107% or preclasificaciones to avoid it. Who did he knew how to find his time was the canadian Victor At Pease. And this time, it was the decade of the 60.

When Pease tried to qualify for five races, but only got in two. His fascinating debut was at the Grand Prix of the country, in Canada, in the complicated circuit of Mosport. The rain caught betrayal of The Pease, that he could not deploy all his talent and he finished the race with an average speed of 69.4 km/h and folded 43 times by the winner, Jack Brabham, which represents the absolute record for the category.

Al Pease F1 Canada 1969Al Pease F1 Canada 1969

Be folded 43 times in a career would be enough merits to be on this list, but Pease wanted to be the first. In the second, and last, race in which he was able to take part the sun shone. It was Mosport again, but the weather this time was not going to play you a trick. The race started and soon began to bend to The Pease, who had an outstanding bill with the story.

When the laps lost were already too many under the discretion of The Pease, the canadian began to defend themselves against the leaders. Had who directly was not able to bypass it by how slow it was going. When Jackie Stewart was on the point of being out of the race the organization took a historical decision: he pulled out the black flag to Victor on The Pease for going too slow, being the only rider in history to be disqualified from a race of Formula 1 for this reason.

Bonus track. Markus Winkelhock, the antihero records

Winkelhock Nurburgring F1 2007Winkelhock Nurburgring F1 2007

But as success and failure are two sides of the same coin here is Markus Winkelhock to prove it. This German pilot had all the ballots to enter in this list when the team Spyker decided to upload it to the car from one day to another, without hardly any experience, at the Nürburgring 2007, in replacement of a Albers who was fired by the boot of rennet a hose in the pits.

Winkelhock was the focus of the criticism of the reputadísimos pilots star of the era, such as Felipe Massa or Mark Webber, after pasease a parsimonious snail’s pace in the free practice sessions, almost two seconds from his teammate Adrian Sutil, who in turn was almost two seconds off the rest.

Winkelhock Nurburgring F1 2007 2Winkelhock Nurburgring F1 2007 2

Of course Winkelhock ranked last, but the stars were going to align on Sunday. With nothing to lose, the team Spyker decided to put the rookie the extreme wet tyres for the start, when the track was completely dry. Was turned off the traffic lights and miracle. He began to diluviar at the Nürburgring.

While the reputable stars of the category were struggling to keep their cars on the track, Winkelhock put the leader and go solo. Only a red flag could stop the gallop of the pretender, but nothing was happening. As soon as they re-launched the race all went on to Winkelhock, but the German gave up on lap twelve, having led the first six. As he never returned to racing in Formula 1 remains as the pilot with the highest percentage of laps led in history, 50%. And is that even the worst herbs one day bloom.

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