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The chargers play ball with the carriers. “The divan of transport”. Opinion

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   Xavi Navarro, Director of Transportation News Radio www.transportenewsradio.com

An old tactic, to introduce new issues or revisit those that were stuck to the carriers not to claim for their rights and improvements.

Marked cards for shippers and logistics operators

Now tap crush with 44 tons, is not that the representatives of the carriers raise the voice against the clause “unless otherwise agreed”, against the ridiculous prices of transport or the payment more than 90 days, against the destructive tenders or unfair competition of the subcontractors in the chain. Or well, against the excesses that are committed with the drivers in the times of waiting, loading and unloading of vehicles and the pressure that carriers receive to take charge of the stowage, even though they charge a third party. Or against the exchange of pallets or unhealthy the abuse that daily receive the teamsters in the warehouses of distributors and operators to logistics.

But that’s what has controlled the large-scale distribution, the chargers in general. Because they govern those who govern the path to the offices of those responsible for regulations of transport of the Ministry of Development is always frank to them, at your entire disposal. And with the same they will meet once more with the premise of “collaboration” to an improvement of the processes and conditions of transport between representatives of shippers and carriers. But these last have the wind at your back (means of communication that will make the campaign), marked cards (in collusion with various government agencies) and the banking (the economic factor on its side).

In addition, and let us not forget, the representation of the majority of the carriers before the Administration, that is to say, the CNTC, is not composed of self-employed professionals (although this group is the majority of the sector), but of entrepreneurs and, as it is known, give you all the possible turns in order not to bite the hand of who feed them, the contracts with distributors, carriers and logistics shippers in general. That is, that, to the carriers, and in addition the negotiation I wait for a true artillery, along with them, and in the same bed have your Judas Iscariot who expect to get their 30 coins of silver of the chargers, despite the fact that your gesture is noted as scandalous. Unless your shame is what prevents, it will be difficult not to see as give in to the pressures of the chargers. Bad times are ahead, worse than we have ever known.

So we are by the lack of initiative and organization of the own carriers

Although a lot of the blame for the current situation would allow the chargers to do what you wish with the carriers, the responsibility of having come to this crossroads, you have these last. The pasmosidad, the melancholy, the lack of solidarity, neglect, protest, empty, and angry without a destination, pasotismo… in general lines, is the attitude that is most destructive of the professional transport. And the chicken coop disheveled not solve anything. That yes, to those who manage the show has already come to them of pearls, it is undeniable, they play the ball and when the carrier is anything else this becomes their helpless victim.

How could shippers and carriers play by the same rules?

The first thought that comes to one’s chest is that it is like asking pears from an elm tree. Of course, seeing what the landscape looks like the answer is obvious. If not we can put pressure, if not we are up to and if we don’t get the respect, even fear, of the institutions and Administrations there is nothing to do. The rules continue dialing as usual, those who should whistle the ears by the curses between teeth that release of continuous carriers. However, if we want the game to be fair, that the rules catch up, you opt to go for the rights that we have stolen, we should all “wet”. And you already know how to do it, engaging, participating, contributing with the effort and the little time available.

To understand this better, it is as if we were sick, suffering from a chronic evil, and not to take any medication or evitásemos the continued exposure to this disease. To heal we must spend a certain discomfort, a visit to the doctor, to take tests, follow a few guidelines… and that requires time and dedication. Well, the current state of the transport inferred in the health of all the carriers, let’s take our time and dedication to heal. Let us defend what is ours and not let those who currently represent us to take wrong decisions that have no possible remedy, that we end up by exterminating definitely.

Xavi Navarro


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