Home News Comes contract hire for private individuals of the Volvo XC40, for 295 euros per month with everything included

Comes contract hire for private individuals of the Volvo XC40, for 295 euros per month with everything included

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The Volvo XC 40 comes to become an important alternative to the heavyweights of the segment of the SUV compact premium cars like the Range Rover Evoque, which years ago laid the foundation of the segment, the BMW X1 or the Mercedes GLA which will soon be renovated, an SUV, a Volvo XC 40, which is now available with a contract hire to private individuals for less than 300 euros per month with everything included.

The Volvo XC 40 is available for 295 euros per month

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This renting of the Volvo XC 40 for individuals for a monthly fee of 295 euros per month for 48 months, 4 years, being required in addition to an initial payment of 4.395 euros, which would leave us with a total disbursement of 18.555 euros, a figure that we must put in context with the 32.650 euros from the part, without discounts, the Volvo XC 40.

In addition, of course, we must take into account that through this formula are included in that monthly fee of 295 euros, services such as roadside assistance 24 hours a day, maintenance and repairs, replacement of 2 tires, insurance and management of fines. The downside is that this renting has a limitation on annual mileage of 10,000 km

The Volvo XC 40 offered has a petrol engine of 163 HP

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The model promoted with this contract hire for private individuals is a Volvo XC 40 with the petrol engine T3, an engine that delivers an output of 163 HP, associated to a manual change and traction 4X2, homologando an average consumption of 6.3 l/100 km

In which equipment is referred to in this Volvo XC 40 account with the finish of access, a finish in which we find ourselves as a most prominent elements with alloy wheels of 17 inches, the digital instrumentation 12.3-inch multimedia system with touch screen.

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