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The VTC exceed 12.100 licenses in Spain

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EUROPA PRESS.- The sector of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) succeeded in 942 new authorizations during September, its total number of licenses has grown by 8.4% in just a month and already sum 12.142, according to the official register of the Ministry of Development.

In this way, the number of vehicles of companies such as Uber and Cabify multiplied by more than five the maximum 2.189 that should have by law in function of the 65.688 cars plus a taxi.

Thus, at the end of last September, there was a car of VTC for about every five taxis, compared to the ratio of one for thirty the Law of Ordination of Terrestrial Transport (LOTT) sets out to grant licenses for these two urban transport.

The new growth of the VTC took place, coinciding with the approval of the September 28, of a Decree that opens the door to that, in a period of four years, the municipalities may limit the number of this type of vehicles in their cities.

For the moment, the consistories and the regional governments may enter as to regulate the conditions of service of this type of vehicles, like they do with the taxi.

The number of licenses of VTC continues to grow as a result of the judicial rulings arising out of the legal vacuum recorded in the sector between 2009, the year in which the previous socialist party Government liberalized the sector and 2015, the year in which the later Executive of the PP effectively upregulated after announcing in 2013.

In this sense, the sector is estimated to be awarded by this court to a barrage of between about 6,000 and 9,000 licenses VTC in the next few years, which could lead to almost equate the two sectors in some major cities.

A VTC by each of the two taxis in Madrid

For the moment, according to the official record of Promotion updated at the beginning of this month of October, the bulk of the new licences awarded in September were awarded in Madrid, which is reinforced as the city that most vehicles VTC has to overcome in addition to the dimension of the 6,000 permits.

In particular, firms like Uber and Cabify are already 6.076 cars in the capital, about 800 (15.1%) more than August, so the sector has a car for every little more than two taxis in madrid and multiplied by more than eleven times the number of vehicles that should have according to the legal fee.

After stands Catalonia, with 2.114 authorizations of VTC, 3% more than in August, leading the sector to have a car for about six taxis.

In third place is Andalusia, with 1.809 licenses, 4.5% more and one for every five cabs, six times more than what is stipulated in the law, while in the Comunidad Valenciana, the sector added five new licenses in the last month, to count with 259 approvals, one for each of the 18 taxis.

These regions are the ones that have taken over the growth of the sector in August, given that the number of authorisations for car rental with driver in the rest of communities remains practically similar to that of the previous month, and ranging between 16 of The Rioja and 313 of Castile and León. (Archive photo)

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