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The front pages of the newspapers of Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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The first editions of the major newspapers brought to our writing, which include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

THE COUNTRY: “The PP, Vox and Citizens are sharing the posts in the Assembly of Madrid”; “The School Board blocked a million scholarships in protest at the ‘model Value'”; “The Government gives the green light for the increase of troops by the USA in Broken”; “The defenses of Junqueras, Forn and Romeva recognize disobedience”; “The mobile spy when watching football in bars”.

THE WORLD: “The Advocacy supports that Junqueras acquired immunity”; “Of the coalition cooperation”; “The story of the amaños in football. Íñigo López: ‘we Lost with the Nastic because we had a pact”; “The PP will give charges to Vox in the Government of Madrid, even though not firms”.

THE avant-GARDE: “The defenses focus their argument on a denial of the rebellion”; “BComú will give the PSC a “commitment” of the agreement in Barcelona”; “The pact between PP and Vox for Madrid tightens the alliance with Citizens”; “Sanchez and Churches resolve to negotiate a inconcreto “government of cooperation”.

ABC: “Married insists ‘no’ to Sanchez, but offers covenants of the State”; “Before the rejection of PP and Cs, the socialist candidate about positions with Churches, with whom it will negotiate a ‘Government cooperation'”; “The right begins to realize their covenants”.

THE NEWSPAPER: “The only processed support disobedience”; “Government of ‘cooperation'”; “Maragall tap to Colau at the opening of the PSC”; “Citizens are no longer of the covenant PP-Vox to govern in Madrid”; “Messi, the highest paid athlete in the world”; “a Fine of 250,000 euros to LaLiga for spying with your ‘app’ mobile”.

THE MAIL: “mass Dismissal of officers of Euskatel after taking Zegona the control of the company”; “The team UPV pulls sparks. Students and teachers of the School of Engineering designed a single-seater electric”; “Sanchez slows down to Churches and offers only a “Government of cooperation”; “The scandal over the leaks in the OPE of Osakeditza splashed to the minister of Health”.

THE REASON: “‘there Will be Government PP-Cs or there will be no Government in Madrid'”; “The Ombudsman’s complaint that the traffic signs are in Catalan,”; “Sanchez buries the coalition and Churches ‘invents’ co-operation”; “Rivera and Married, rejected the abstention and urge the president to set a date for the inauguration”; “they Create a drug that knocks the tumors, and inhibits metastasis.”

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