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The front pages of the newspapers Tuesday 1st of October 2019

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The first editions of the major newspapers brought to our writing, which include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

THE COUNTRY: “Resigns the director of the Mossos who attacked the CDR”; “Madrid discount the traffic restrictions in the center”; “The right wing seeks to censor sexual diversity in schools”; “Sanchez: “We are the left that is not ashamed of the word Spain””; “The European Parliament stands up to the new commissioners”; “The Supreme gives free reign to the exhumation immediate of the remains of Franco”; “The economy is growing at the lowest pace since 2014 by the weakness in consumption”.

THE WORLD: “The ‘CNI Catalan’ helped CDR to circumvent the Civil Guard. The ‘political head’ of the Mossos resigns before the new drift of the Government”; “Sanchez returns to Spain for the 10-N. The president of the Government on functions, and socialist candidate 10-N yesterday presented the electoral slogan of his party: ‘Now, Spain'”; “The managers of the 155: “it Will be necessary to other and much longer.” Wert: “If we were not able to stop the 1-Or, “how we were going to stop the indoctrination?””; “The Supreme, to Franco: “you can’t choose where to bury their relatives”; “Spain is paid to the indicators negative, and because it grows at the lowest pace in 5 years”; “Saudi Arabia claims a “direct action against Iran” to prevent a worldwide collapse”; “Ana Julia, the first woman sentenced to permanent prison revisable”.

THE avant-GARDE: “The director of the Mossos resigns on the eve of the 1-Or”; “World of Qatar. When the important thing is to just survive. The walking tests affected by the extreme heat”; “permanent Prison for Quezada for the death of Gabriel”; “The economy grows at the rate more low of the last three years”; “Barcelona approved ask for a surcharge to the rate desk”; “Catalonia, the community with more barracks school”; “The piracy low by the irruption of the payment platforms”.

ABC: “Torra hardens the political control over the Autonomous. The general director of the Police regional resigns on the eve of the 1-0 and the judgment of the “procés”. The dome police warns that he will not suffer to be ordered from the Catalan government not to intervene if the radicals seek to collapse Catalonia”.

THE NEWSPAPER: “Torra fracture the dome Interior before the 1-O. the pressures of The ‘president’ and Puigdemont force the resignation of the director of the Mossos”; “Quezada, the first woman in the permanent prison”; “The PP lowers the veto to the car and the pollution in Madrid Central”; “BCN claims nearly triple the daily rate paid by the tourists.”

THE MAIL: “Jesus and Carmen, a relationship-threatening. Investigate the woman who delivered the head of the retired vizcaino inside of a box to a friend of Castro”; “the resignation of The head of the Mossos confirms the tension with the Government”; “Students with disabilities leave the Basque country to study Spanish”.

THE REASON: “Device than 2,000 police officers and guards in front of the CDR. Resigns the “boss” politician of the Mossos hours before the anniversary of the consultation”; “The 11 sentenced to reviewable. Ana Julia, the first woman to whom it applies. Adjusted for the murders, life for the victims”; “The Supreme paves the exhumation express of Franco”; “Halt in the economy: the downturn in the consumption and creation of employment”.

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