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The front pages of newspapers on Thursday, 1 August 2019

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The first editions of the major newspapers brought to our writing, which include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

THE COUNTRY: “Massive rejection of the voters of the PSOE and we Can to other elections”; “Sanchez looks for the via Portuguese. Calls to agents and social groups to design a proposal”; “The Federal Reserve takes a turn and lowers the interest rate”; “The Federal Reserve takes a turn and lowers the interest rate”; “The eurozone enters a phase of deceleration”.

THE WORLD: “The Prosecutor’s office asks for help against the hatred of the Spanish in Catalonia”; “The princess who challenges the arab world. Princess Haya has initiated a lawsuit against her husband, the emir of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid, which is unusual for a muslim country”; “The militancy of Bildu grew up in days 53% to support the PSOE. Sanchez will consult their program with social agents to challenge, we Can”; “Johnson threatens with a ‘155’ in Ulster if there is a Brexit without agreement”; “US low rates for the first time since the crisis to address the slowdown”; “Twelve of the 37 killers and sexists of this year committed suicide”; “The clubs cry out against Rubiales”.

THE avant-GARDE: “Sanchez tap to Churches with social groups”; “The Sagrera, now”; “The Federal Reserve low rates for the first time since the crisis”; “law enforcement data and criminal of the magnet of Ripoll were never deleted”; “Ryanair wants to throw 500 pilots after the summer”; “Readings for summer nights with children”; “The deaths of bikers soar: Traffic is looking for solutions”.

ABC: “Northern Ireland joins Scotland in rebellion against the Brexit hard Johnson. The nationalist northern irish threaten to “premier” with a referendum for the reunification of the island. Companies and markets on alert for a disorderly EU”.

THE NEWSPAPER: “The Sagrera, in the middle. The AVE station reaches 40% of the work but there is still no estimated date of completion”; “The TSJC nullifies the plan of cheap Colau”; “US low rates for the first time in a decade”; “The minimum services in Renfe dampen the strike”; “Two exaltos charges of CKD sets of the national Day of the ANC”; “Sanchez calls to unions and entities to pressure Can.

THE MAIL: “TO boron of the ‘Pegasus’ at the premiere today of the drones of the DGT”; “Building reactive the works of the TAV after ordering it Urkullu and the PNV in the inauguration”; “Sanchez will ask the social partners persuade We of the via portuguesa”; “BBVA supports the ‘case Villarejo’ harms the image of the bank but does not affect the business”.

THE REASON: “The CIS spends two million to prop up Sanchez. 13 barometers made from which the PSOE arrived at Moncloa, have shot up the expenses, it would have been even greater with budgets socialist”; “Moncloa reactive contacts with the pressure in the Can. Initiates meetings with the civil society to force Churches to renounce the coalition. Marlaska sponsor the inauguration of Chivite with Bildu en Navarra”; “BBVA supports the damage to his reputation by the “Villarejo””; “Boris Johnson threatens to apply a 155 to northern Ireland for the Brexit hard”.

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