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The truth about the “new” fines the DGT for scooters electric

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The General Direction of Traffic you want to regulate the use of scooters electric, with standards and, obviously, fines specific. Although it is not the highest priority, from a long time ago the DGT comes warning of the need to establish a few rules that regulate the use of vehicles for personal mobility and how these can affect the road safety. The councils are also calling for a long time a national regulatory framework, an issue that is also important for users of scooters electric, that we find regulations very disparate, and contradictory, between contiguous municipalities. Now, what there is of that specific regulations for the scooters electric? What is the reality of the “new” fines announced by the DGT for the scooters electric?

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The “new” fines the DGT for scooters electric are not so new

The long-awaited regulations from the DGT for vehicles, personal mobility, and by extension, scooters electric, has still not been adopted. Although the DGT has defined very well in the last few months some of the rules that will be introduced, the regulation formal is still in the processing stage.

What we knew before these days, therefore, it is a statement of DGT, which sets out the criteria that should already be applying to the scooters electrical, if it is true he anticipates a denomination’s formal that already defines the powered scooter as a Personal Mobility Vehicle. We speak therefore of a document to clarify some of the issues to the police service, national, but especially local, and the users of vehicles for personal mobility. The fines mentioned by the DGT already existed and therefore these rules should already be known by the users of scooters electrical.

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The fines for scooters electric, collected by the DGT

As I told these days, the DGT is mostly concerned with attitudes punishable and fines. And despite the fact that a personal mobility vehicle is not a car, but a “vehicle for a single passenger powered exclusively by electric engines and with a maximum speed – by design – between 6 and 25 km/h “, some of the rules of use that must be accepted, and the penalties for failing to meet these standards, are comparable to those of a car.

In its latest statement, the DGT clarified the following fines for scooters electric:

– Driving a powered scooter under the influence of alcohol: between 500 and 1,000 euros, and the immobilization of the vehicle
– Driving a powered scooter with the presence of drugs in the body: € 1.000, and the immobilization of the vehicle
– Refuse the tests by using alcohol or drugs: you can be charged a crime
– Use the mobile phone: 200 euro fine
– Use headphone: 200 euro fine
– Do not use helmet in the scooter electric: will only be applicable to municipalities which require use of a helmet powered scooter and the fine in such cases is of 200 euros
– Drive the scooter on the pavement and pedestrian areas: 200 euro fine, except in municipalities that expressly permit
– Driving a scooter with a passenger (two people on the scooter): 100 euro fine
– Is not necessary documentation and registration in scooters electric
– Do not use garments that are reflective or lighting system: 200 euros fine
– Penalties to minors: the parents or guardians of the minor shall be the responsible of the offense

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What we know of the new rules for scooters electric?

In 2020 should be adopted the new rules of the DGT, which regulates the standards and fines for scooters electric. The rules will not be very different, nor will it include rules that turn away a lot of the instruction that has been issued by the DGT, remains the most important differences are the following:

– There will be a limit maximum speed to 25 km/h
– Will be required to carry a certificate, you should issue the manufacturer, and collect the technical specifications
– It is not mandatory to wear a helmet, but recommended
– Shall be prohibited in a general manner the use and parking of powered scooter on the sidewalks
– We recommend to contract a liability insurance, although it is not mandatory

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Our guidelines on the use of scooters electric

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