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The wave of “cold polar” will last until Sunday. Video

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@MikelGF.- “The wave of polar cold” has arrived to Spain, yesterday Wednesday already ahead of the first snow in Castilla y Leon and Galicia and today, Thursday, has been snowy in the North and Centre of the peninsula, so that the Autonomous Community most affected has been the castilian-leonese in which snow fell in all provinces

For its part, the Ministry of Development has launched the campaign for roads winter 2019-2020, in the Network of Roads in the State, with the provision to adverse climate situations of 1418 snow-removing machines and 245.460 tons of fluxing agents (mainly salt), distributed in 348 stores, and 546 silos.

The special device for this campaign of roads in winter is operating from the day 1 November 2019 to 30 April 2020.

All of the sections of roads of the State Network are assigned a Level of Service and priority attention on freeways and highways, as well as to those roads with the highest traffic Intensity (IMD) and which serve as access to provincial capitals and towns of more than 20,000 inhabitants.

The main objectives are the prevention of the formation of icy patches on the roads when it is expected frost; the information to the road users of any incidence with the advance; and in case of snowfall, removal of snow to minimize disruption to traffic as a result of these.

The predictions of AEMET

During the week-end waiting time unstable with rainfall in many parts of the northern half of the peninsula. They can be persistent and locally heavy in the bay of Biscay, where they can be accompanied by occasional storms.

The precipitation will be snow in the mountain areas, reaching thicknesses considerable in the cordillera Cantábrica mountain range and in the Pyrenees starting Saturday, when the height of snow will be around the 1000 m, even something more low Sunday day 10.

It is also expected the north-east wind with intervals of strong intensity in areas of mountain, moorland and coastal areas, especially in the Balearic islands, where the intensity can be very strong. The temperatures will descend in a practically generalised way. In the Canary islands is also expected to time unstable (although not so pronounced as in the Peninsula and in the Balearic islands.

During the first half of next week will continue entering fronts from the northwest, but this mainly affected Galicia, Cantabrian region, upper Ebro, Western Pyrenees and the Balearic islands, where the rainfall will be locally strong or persistent. The height of snow is situated at about 1200 m. It is likely that during the second half of the week’s new fronts, more active and accompanied by a mass of air, the more cold, affecting good part of the Peninsula and the Balearic islands, mainly in the Cantabrian region, with strong gusts of wind and rainfall, snow from about 1000 m. In the Canary islands there will be a situation of trade winds with strong gusts and precipitation in the north of the islands of greater relief.

Ruben del Campo, spokesman of Aemet, explains in the Youtube channel of the State Agency of Meteorology “this jet, which is currently very intense, it’s going to take in the next few days available from north to south, which ensures the arrival of cold air to our country in all layers of the stratosphere”.

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