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The Formula 1 support that aims to incorporate synthetic fuels to be more green

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The Formula 1 is on the verge of a great revolution. In just a few weeks we will get to know the new technical regulation that will change the paradigm of competition from 2021 onwards, and little by little we know more details. The latter has been the confirmation of Chase Carey, CEO of the Formula 1, something that we had been talking about: will be incorporated synthetic fuels.

The boss of Liberty Media has said on a talk in Wall Street that the future of the Formula 1 must be eco-friendly and is therefore in negotiations with the aim of include a new fuel synthetic as soon as possible. In addition, adds that he is open to any initiative that helps to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the cars.

Could open the door to the return of refuelling

Chase Carey Wall StreetChase Carey Wall Street

We work heavily in synthetic fuels coupled with the oil industry“, he stated categorically Chase Carey in his talk. The CEO of Liberty Media knows that “this is something new in the Formula 1. One of our priorities is to continue in the fall with the steps we have taken so far in terms of sustainability”.

The introduction of a combustible synthetic, either from 2021 or later, there was a possibility that he was taking a lot of strength in recent months, but until now were only rumors. This type of fuel are obtained through thermo-chemical processes based on coal, natural gas or biomass.

Sainz Norris Hungria F1 2019Sainz Norris Hungria F1 2019

“The hybrid engine that was introduced some years ago it was an amazing step forward in terms of fuel efficiency, while retaining power,” said Carey, dismissing outright any return to the V10 or V8. “The environmental problem is very important for all, now you have to know how to reduce the emissions of the combustion engine. That is the most important”, concluded the head of the Formula 1.

In fact, Carey estimates that “from here until the end of the year the issue of sustainability will be much more common. It is part of our history and something that we’ve spoken with our private partners. They are excited about it”. Definitely, the step of the Formula 1 to the green is solid.

Hamilton Bottas Silverstone F1 2019Hamilton Bottas Silverstone F1 2019

This could open the doors to comply with a requirement of riders and fans: the return of refuelling to the races. On the one hand this type of fuel would reduce the dangerousness of the pit stops and on the other to have the cars repostando would give more visibilities to the environmentally friendly fuel of the Formula 1.

But to win that battle, the FIA, the Formula 1 and the pilots will have to convince the most important part of the business, the equipment. These currently refuse outright to refuel in the race return to Formula 1 for the extra expense in materials that they would, but also hide it under a blanket of image green.

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