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Mep Adina Valean new commissioner of transport

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EUROPA PRESS.- The president-elect of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen, has agreed Wednesday to the conservative Adina Valean as commissioner from Romania and has been assigned the portfolio for Transport, the same as that reserved to the first candidate of Bucharest that was vetoed by the european Parliament because of a conflict of interests, they have informed to Europa Press sources of the community.

Von der Leyen pushed the Romanian Government to present a woman with which to ensure the continuity of the gender balance of your College of Commissioners, the demand to which it has ceded to Romania with Valean, mep of the European people’s Party, same political family of Von der Leyen.

With the veto of the Parliament to three of the commissioners of the future Commission –a man and two women– was put at risk by the parity of the first team of Von der Leyen, who had designed a Executive with fourteen men and thirteen women.

Von der Leyen agreed to the alternative male submitted by France and Hungary, despite the fact that the first candidate gala was a woman, the former minister of Defense, Sylvie Goulard, and raised the pressure on Romania to ensure that the gender balance did not break.

In the process of release of the commissioners vetoed, the successor of Jean-Claude Juncker has come to dislike two names –a man and a woman– as suggested by the previous Romanian Government, a socialist, and has demanded the new government, conservative, the name of a woman.

Finally, Bucharest has been put formally on the table this Wednesday the candidacy joint formed by the mep Siegfried Muresan and mep Adina Valean.

Von der Leyen has evaluated both, and chose to Valean when you consider that he has the necessary skills to be commissioner, and that her experience will support her as head of the portfolio of Transport, as the president of the commission of Industry, Energy and Telecommunications in Industry, Energy and Telecommunications, and in the past was at the forefront of the Transport, as has been indicated from the team of the president-elect.

To close the process of forming the new community Executive, it is first necessary for the Council to notify Parliament the names of the new candidates, evaluating their statements of interests to rule out conflicts and overcome the tests and legal powers of meps.

Next to Valean will have to be subjected to these controls, the alternative candidates from Hungary (his ambassador to the EU, Oliver Varhelyi) and France (former minister and president of ATOS Thierry Breton).

The approval of the european Parliament, it is necessary that the European Commission will be able to get the ball rolling, something that in Brussels expected to occur on December 1, after a first postponement of a month, and the calendar could be delayed even further if the candidates are not examined on time this November.

The hearings of the candidates could take place next week if the Council validates their designations after notification of Von der Leyen, without waiting for Uk this of a commissioner, as obligated by the Treaties to remain a member of the EU until the expiry of the extension of Brexit, a priori, on the 31st of January.

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