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The DGT remember that you can get a ticket for biking under the influence of alcohol

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The summer lends itself to encourage many to enjoy outdoor activities, or even try other means of alternative transport, like the bicycle or the scooters electrical. And that is why that before you start to use a bicycle or a powered scooter should know the rules that govern the use of this type of vehicle, for example, to know how you are driving bike on road or how to cross a zebra crossing on a bike. These days the DGT reminds us that you can get a ticket for biking under the influence of alcohol and to face sanctions similar to those of the drivers who receive fines by testing positive for alcohol.

The DGT remember the risks of riding a bike and alcohol

According to what was published by the General Directorate of Traffic reported to the user of a bicycle for a fourfold increase in the rate of alcohol permitted. It happened recently, in Ciudad Real, and to make matters worse, circulated early morning and without the lighting appropriate.

The DGT shared this news in social networks and, incidentally, broke the tension of many cyclists and drivers. First, by the fact that focus on the sanctions of a collective particular, the of the cyclists. Second, by employing a file photo of a cyclist with sports clothing that we imagine is far from what really happened with the user of a bicycle, riding under the influence of alcohol and early morning. Third, for drivers who took the opportunity to remember that cyclists also have to comply with the rules of the road.

The fine for cycling under the influence of alcohol

However, it is important that the DGT remember these rules. We think that riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol presents a risk much greater than that of having to face a fine, by the severity of the accidents that may suffer and the danger to his life, and that of other road users such as pedestrians. Now, what is the fine for cycling under the influence of alcohol?

As I told above, there are fines for cyclists under the influence of alcohol. Cyclists, in fact, may face fines of up to eur 1,000 for testing positive on a breath test. And there are many cases that we have seen in the last few years of cyclists that have been sanctioned, not only in road, but especially in urban areas, where there are many bike users and sporadic, which in addition are not aware of the risks they face, and are unaware that they can deal with a breathalyzer test, and even with the easy access to rental bikes.

A bicyclist who tests positive in a breath test you may also face the immobilization of your bike. But riding a bike under the influence of alcohol, while it has the risk of receiving a penalty, would not lead to deduction of points.


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