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The DGT shall prohibit the scooters on the sidewalks: lead them and also aparcarlos

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Despite the fact that the General Directorate of Traffic believes that the media exposure that they are taking the scooters electric does not correspond, in any case, with its impact on road safety, one of the most prominent of the reforms that hope to pass soon will be the introduction of a policy to the scooters electrical. This legislation would have been requested by the own city councils, and agreed with them, and include important measures, such as the one that concerns us. The DGT shall prohibit the scooters on the sidewalks, drive and aparcarlos. In any case, it is important to remember that the reformation, and the rules for scooters, electric vehicles and personal mobility, has not yet been approved.

Allowed to drive scooters electric on the sidewalks

This is a basic, and essential, that previously had been passed through different ordinances many city councils. The DGT ordered that the scooters electrical can only be used by the road, and in any case by the sidewalks. The fundamental reason is the safety of passers-by. Remember that scooters and electric mobility vehicles personnel authorized by the DGT, which makes reference to these regulations, can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h.

When preparing our article with what you need to know before you buy a scooter electric we already told you why it is very dangerous to use a powered scooter on the sidewalk, both for pedestrians, as to the user of the powered scooter.

Patinete Casco SeatPatinete Casco Seat

Forbidden to park scooters electric on the sidewalks

At the request of the municipalities, the DGT also ordered to park the scooters electric on the sidewalks is prohibited. This measure, a priori, it will not affect too much to the owners of scooters electric, except to those who usually park your scooter on the street. But it can have major repercussions for the services of rental of scooters shared.

The discontent generated among the passers-by, by the presence of scooters occupying the sidewalk and hindering their passage, has led the DGT to enter this measure. A measure that contrasts also with one of the intentions of the DGT, which is to allow scooters electric have the same rights as bicycles. We think that even motorcycles can park on the sidewalks, following the rules specified by the town council.

Traffic expected to the municipalities to organize the presence of scooters electric car out of the sidewalks. The range of options open, therefore, is to occupy spaces that until now were destined to parking spaces at stations to park scooters electric. Or directly to the scooters electric park in those parking spaces. Which not only hampers the business of the rental companies, but also opens the door for the conflict to move from pedestrians to drivers.

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