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The DGT launches 2 new fixed speed cameras, 22 in the month of July, and this is their position

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Throughout this year the General Directorate of Traffic expected to be introduced 78 new fixed speed cameras, of which 15 will be radar stretch. And the moment the summer is still the time chosen to release a good portion of them. The DGT has just released 2 new fixed speed cameras and now there are 22 that have officially entered into service in July, after the first twenty that were released this month (see the position of the new radars of the DGT). The priority of Traffic, and the position of the greater part of them, are on rural roads, which kill more people in traffic accidents each year and where Traffic wants to pursue with more enthusiasm for the excesses of speed.

22 new radars of the DGT in July

With these 2 new fixed speed cameras, and were released early this month, are already 22 radars that have been shown to Traffic in July. Toledo is still the province that radar has premiered, with four cinemómetros, and in total there are 13 provinces covered.

The last two radars, which are already active from this week, is located in the province of Seville, on the A-376 (mile 22.7, growing sense) and in the N-433 (mile 38.6, sense declining).

The DGT has released a total of 22 new fixed speed cameras in July, on conventional roads, to which was added a further 41 fixed speed cameras before the end of the year, and 15 radar stretch

Estafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso VelocidadEstafa Multa Radar Foto Pegasus Exceso Velocidad

The position of the 22 new radars, Traffic

Then you can see your location – province-by-province, road, point kilómetrico, and sense – in this table with the 22 new safety cameras which were released in July:

Province Road Type Kilometer Sense
Albacete N-322 Fixed Radar 367.1 Growing
Badajoz N-432 Fixed Radar 142.45 Decreasing
Badajoz N-432 Fixed Radar 33.31 Decreasing
Burgos N-122 Fixed Radar 262.2 Both
Caceres EX-100 Fixed Radar 8.57 Growing
Caceres N-521 Fixed Radar 91.185 Decreasing
Basin CM-3201 Fixed Radar 5.27 Decreasing
Basin N-420 Fixed Radar 339.22 Decreasing
Basin N-420 Fixed Radar 465.33 Decreasing
Madrid N-400 Fixed Radar 27.92 Both
Palencia N-610 Fixed Radar 12.69 Both
Pontevedra N-550 Fixed Radar 108.93 Growing
Segovia N-110 Fixed Radar 113.2 Growing
Seville A-376 Fixed Radar 22.7 Growing
Seville N-433 Fixed Radar 38.6 Decreasing
Soria N-122 Fixed Radar 132.74 Decreasing
Soria N-234 Fixed Radar 406.8 Growing
Toledo CM-4004 Fixed Radar 14.252 Growing
Toledo CM-5007 Fixed Radar 9.93 Growing
Toledo N-301 Fixed Radar 132.537 Decreasing
Toledo N-401 Fixed Radar 82.6 Both
Valladolid N-122 Fixed Radar 300.135 Both

Pegasus Dgt Helicoptero RadaresPegasus Dgt Helicoptero Radares

The DGT is also keeping an eye on the roads this summer with the speed of Pegasus, for your mobile patrols, and even drones, although the latter is still not fine.

78 new cameras in 2019 (and 15 stretch)

Throughout this year, the DGT expects to introduce a total of 78 fixed speed cameras new, of which 22 radars have already been released in the month of July. Therefore, throughout this year, is still pending the introduction of 41 new fixed speed cameras, speed instant, and a 15-radar stretch that to continue the current strategy of Traffic will be located very probably on conventional roads.

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