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Hypocrisy and equality. “The trucker anarchist”. Opinion

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Well, a new year has been celebrated on 8 March, where many and many have been calling for equality between genders. The truth is, each day is more necessary to the celebration of these days, especially in a country with legislation that has the our. It is shameful that in cases of divorce, in their majority, to be the father who stays with the children and the family home, while the woman is obliged to pay child support and half of the housing; not to mention that, with a simple phone call, a man can make his wife sleep in a police station because they are discussing.

As you may have understood what is written above, the mode is ironic. Unfortunately, the reality of this country is the opposite. It is shameful that depending on your sex, the conviction is different to a fact. No one denies the reality of the indentation of cases of ill-treatment towards women that we suffer, but does anyone believe that this so-called law of equality has been worth for anything?, no more than check the statistics from your approval, continue to increase in cases year-on-year.

For the only thing that has earned this law is to criminalize many men for no reason whatsoever, and for which lawyers, associations and feminist Ngos is to fill the pockets. Meanwhile, the politicians continue with their ideas pilgrim, thinking with criminalize half the population and the gilipollez that of inclusive language, as it fixes the problem.

It is worth nothing that many have gone to the rally for then, get home and sit down on the couch in front of the tv, while his wife makes him dinner and picking up the house at the same time. A lot of hypocritical with banner I’ve seen that day, as for example the society of stowage in the port of Vigo, which come to women, but, that day they stopped for 4 hours to “show solidarity”. Women do not need solidarity, they need real facts.

They are now with the mantra that women are paid less. We’re going to explain why you charge less, it is said that there are truths, lies and statistics. When these gurus of equality, put forward data showing the wage gap between sexes, which do not explain is the following: they look at the wages in function of gender, not in terms of categories. If in a factory, for example, there are 20 women women and 20 men in charge or in management, they claim the wage gap. Thing that is false, because it is not the same category of labour, so the wage may not be the same. The wage gap would be if a man and a woman, with the same category, performing the same work, charge different. Thing that would be illegal and reportable to the judiciary.

But of course, politicians and unions it seems better to claim grants for working groups, and commissions to fight against this alleged practice, which empower the labour inspectorate, or to pursue and to report these cases in the judiciary. I think that many in this new feminism, you only see a source of income.

The problem of equality, is arranged with education from school and from home giving example with attitudes daily. It is worth nothing to say “them”, if one then goes to the couch, she makes the home and the children see it. Clear that the process to end sexism will be slower. But to think that someone, with a coefficient of mental so below the orangutan, as to believe is superior, for the simple fact of being a man, is going to cease in your attitude because you say a law,is to kill flies to cannon.

Basilio Aragon

(Archive photo)

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