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There is a Renault Kadjar for 195 euros a month, is it a good buy?

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The Renault Kadjar is the alternative for Renault cars such as the Peugeot 3008 or the Hyundai Tucson, a car that stands out for offering a good level of riding comfort and a good livability and is currently on promotion, now with a Renault Kadjar comes with the claim of a monthly fee of only 195 euros per month, but what there is after this offer financial? What it says in the small print? How is the Renault Kadjar , which I am buying?

The Renault Kadjar is on promotion for 195 euros per month but you’ll end up paying 21.114 euros for a car equipped only with air conditioning

The model that provides us with Renault for 195 euros per month is a Renault Kadjar is equipped with the petrol engine TCe 140 HP, and the finish Life, a finish that leaves us with the endowment of equipment very very basic, which features the air conditioning and that justifies the additional expenditure that represents the finish immediately above it, the finish Intens.

This monthly fee of 195 euros will have to pay for 48 months, 4 years and before we have to pay an arrangement fee of 469 euros and an entry of 1.408 euros and at the end of a final fee of 9.876 euros. Combined all of these fees and interests, a TAE 9,41%, we will have paid for a Renault Kadjar very basic a total 21.114 euros including, yes, the all risk insurance for one year with an excess of 600 euros.

The SEAT Ateca and the Peugeot 3008 are clear leaders in the segment of the SUV medium generalist

Leaving aside this promotion, the Renault Kadjar with this finish and the petrol engine of 140 HP has a price of 18.376 euros , and as mentioned before it is more interesting to go to the finish Intens despite the economic gap, and that is equal mechanics, with the same petrol engine of 140 HP (with which registers an average consumption of 6.4 l/100 km) from 19.672 euros, now with a complement of equipment in the already appearing items such as the climate control bizona, front fog lights, mirrors folding electrically, the multimedia system with 7-inch touch screen and the parking sensor on the rear.

If you are thinking to buy a Renault Kadjar don’t miss the SEAT Ateca or the Peugeot 3008, both reference in the segment. In our buying guide SUV medium list of all options in a category where we also find models such as the Jeep Compass, or KIA Sportage.

Featured video of the Renault Kadjar

Read below: Renault wants your next car is a Renault Kadjar, and now I financed at 0%, but, is there small print?

Of time the offer is somewhat limited, but it adapts well to the demands of the majority of the public. You can have a lot of equipment and all-wheel drive in the diesel most powerful


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